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Jaleel Ahmad White Watch
Name: Jaleel Ahmad White

Claim To Fame: EVERYONE knows Jaleel as Urkel. I can not think of him in anything else. There lies the problem he's had since the show ended. He will forever be associated as Steve Urkel.

Where Is He Now: After the show ended, Jaleel White did the voice of one of the characters for the cartoon movie 'Quest For Camelot.' He also did a TV series which only lasted a year called 'Grown Ups.' In that sitcom he played a 24 year old post college graduate.

he graduated from UCLA Film School in 2001. He now lives in a condo in California and enjoys playing basketball, and is a professional writer. Credit's include Jaleel White's Blog on

The fully-grown Jaleel is not only alive and well, but still guest starring on television sitcoms, writing scripts, and co-starring in a movie arriving soon on DVD called "Who Made the Potato Salad?"

Jaleel says he’s been busy making his paper as a screenwriter and just finished working on a pilot, not to mention two movies this year. One of which is the eagerly anticipated 'Dreamgirls.' He is with some pretty big co-stars, Beyonce and Jamie Foxx.

Comment by: rosetta35
Posted on: 11/19/2009 10:38:03 PM
i pray god give u the skill make come back may your own show good luck a fan