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Lori Singer Watch
Name: Lori Singer

Claim To Fame: This was a tough one. I had my own idea, but asked many of my co-workers and I got a couple of different answers. It seems the office was split between knowing Lori from either her role in 'Fame' or her role in 'Footloose.' For me I thought of 'Footloose' right away.

Where Is She Now: In 2003 Lori expanded her reach when she wrote and directed a television commercial for "Hampton Retreats", which was a rental agency in East Hampton, NY that specialized in renting multi-
million dollar homes.

In 2004, Lori made a cameo appearance in the Neve Campbell movie, "When Will I Be Loved."

Lori starting filming a new murder mystery/thriller "The Mirror," in March 2006.

Comment by: DaGoose
Posted on: 5/25/2010 2:27:19 AM
Even to day she is a very pretty woman, to bad she had to move away from Texas, I would love to get to know her. She is one foxy lady to me.