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Markie Post Watch
Name: Markie Post

Claim To Fame: Best known for her 1985?1992 role as public defender Christine Sullivan on the NBC sitcom Night Court, and as bail bonds contractor Terri in The Fall Guy from 1982 to 1985.

Where Is She Now: Post has actively continued her film and television career. She has frequently made guest appearances on Scrubs (playing the mother of Dr. Elliot Reid) and on The District, and most recently worked on a movie titled Cook Off! as the character Christine Merriweather.
The actress has also starred in six Lifetime movies: Appointment for a Killing, Survival on the Mountain, Tricks of the Trade, Someone She Knows, Chasing the Dragon, and I've Been Waiting For You.
Post was mentioned in a 2006 episode of American Dad when a character wanted to Google her to see if she had died yet, and in the pilot of Will & Grace when Will says to Grace, "You are so Markie Post in every single Lifetime movie.

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