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Updated: 7/24/2005

Name: Adam West

Birth Name: William West Anderson He adopted his stage name Adam West in 1959.

Born: September 19, 1928 in Walla Walla, Washington

Claim To Fame: His big break for the TV Series "Batman" came after ABC studio executives spotted him playing the role of a secret agent in the Nestle Quick commercials in the early 60's.

Though "Batman" brought him fame, he was typecast and found it difficult to land a leading role at the age of 40 after the series ended. But he did continue to work (and what a list of credits he has) in smaller roles and many guest-star roles.

Family Life: Marcelle Lear (1971 - present)
2 children; 2 stepchildren

Ngahra Frisbie (1957 - 1962) 2 children
Billie Lou Yeager (1950 - 1956)

Info: Adam was drafted into the Army and worked at setting up TV stations. This is where he first got the idea to go into acting.

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Trivia: Adam's daughter Nina was the host of the TV Land show "Real Estate". She has appeared on Howard Stern with her father.

Adam once appeared on "Batman: The Animated Series" playing - of all things - an out of work actor who was unable to escape his identification with the role of a superhero he had played decades earlier, the Gray Ghost.

Enjoys fishing.

He was the third actor to play Batman (though some may credit him as the first, as the old serials are much more obscure than the ABC series).

Where Are They Now: Still a working actor he will star later this year in the films "Tales from Beyond", a sci-fi thriller and "BombShell" about a comic book character.

Adam says, "I'm not getting 20 million for a new movie, but at least I'm getting warmth and recognition from people where I go."

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