Ever wonder what happened to your favorite stars? Some had long careers before fading into oblivion, while others seemed like they didn't get their full 15 minutes. But we still loved them. Find out 'Where Are They Now?'

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Lauren Bacall (Actress) - The Big Sleep
Barbara Bach (Actress) - The Spy Who Loved Me
Catherine Bach (Actress) - Dukes of Hazzard
Max Baer, Jr. (Actor) - The Beverly Hillbillies
Jimmy Baio (Actor) as Billy Tate - Soap
Scott Baio (Actor) as Chachi - Happy Days
Scott Bairstow (Actor) - Party of Five, Lonesome Dove
Joe Don Baker (Actor) - Walking Tall
Simon Baker (Actor) - The Mentalist
Belinda Balaski (Actress) - The Howling
Fairuza Balk (Actress) - The Craft
Adrienne Barbeau (Actress) as Carol - Maude (TV Series)
Andrea Barber (Actress) as Kimmy Gibler - Full House
Christopher Daniel Barnes (Actor) - The Brady Bunch Movie
Priscilla Barnes (Actress) as Teri Alden - Three's Company
Chuck Barris (Host) - The Gong Show
Peter Barton (Actor) - Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Justine Bateman (Actress) - Family Ties
Jon Bauman (Singer) as Bowzer - Sha Na Na
Meredith Baxter (Actress) - Family Ties
Allyce Beasley (Actress) - Moonlighting
Michael Beck (Actor) - The Warriors
Brice Beckham (Actor) as Wesley T. Owens - Mr. Belvedere
Pat Benatar (Musician)
Dirk Benedict (Actor) - The A-Team
Abraham Benrubi (Actor) - Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Robby Benson (Actor) Beauty and the Beast
Barbi Benton (Actress) - Hee Haw
Candice Bergen (Actress) - Murphy Brown
Sandahl Bergman (Actress) - Conan the Barbarian
Elizabeth Berkley (Actress) as Jessie - Saved by the Bell
Crystal Bernard (Actress) - Wings
Valerie Bertinelli (Actress) as Barbara - One Day at a Time
Mayim Bialik (Actress) as Blossom Russo - Blossom (TV Series)
Tony Lo Bianco (Actor) - The French Connection
Michael Biehn (Actor) - Aliens
Peter Billingsley (Actor) as Ralphie - A Christmas Story
Jacqueline Bisset (Actress) - Bullitt, Murder on the Orient Express
Linda Blair (Actress) as Regan - The Exorcist
Tempestt Bledsoe (Actress) as Vanessa - The Cosby Show
Yasmine Bleeth (Actress) as Caroline - Baywatch
Verna Bloom (Actress) - High Plains Drifter, Animal House
Brian Bonsall (Actor) as Andrew - Family Ties
Philip Bosco (Actor) - Working Girl
Bruce Boxleitner (Actor) - How the West Was Won
Amy Brenneman (Actress) - Judging Amy
Abigail Breslin (Actress) - Little Miss Sunshine
Maia Brewton (Actress) - Adventures in Babysitting
Danielle Brisebois (Actress) as Stephanie Mills - All in the Family
Tiffany Brissette (Actress) as V.I.C.I. the Robot - Small Wonder
Zachary Ty Bryan (Actor) as Brad Taylor - Home Improvement
Genevieve Bujold (Actress) - Anne Boleyn
Jim J. Bullock (Actor) - Too Close for Comfort
Gary Burghoff (Actor) M*A*S*H
Chris Burke (Actor) as Corky - Life Goes On
Delta Burke (Actress) Designing Women
Carol Burnett (Actress) - The Carol Burnett Show
Tony Burton (Actor) - The Rocky series
Brett Butler (Actress) as Grace - Grace Under Fire

Michael Callan (Actor) - Cat Ballou
Candace Cameron (Actress) as D.J. - Full House
Kirk Cameron (Actor) as Mike Seaver - Growing Pains
Dyan Cannon (Actress) - Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
Judy Carne (Actress) - Laugh-In
Charisma Carpenter (Actress) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel
Richard Carpenter (Singer) - The Carpenters
Vikki Carr (Singer)
Barbara Carrera (Actress) - Never Say Never Again
Lynda Carter (Actress) as Wonder Woman
Ralph Carter (Actor) - Good Times
Angela Cartwright (Actress) - Brigitta von Trapp - The Sound of Music
Max Casella (Actor) as Vinnie - Doogie Howser, M.D.
Bernie Casey (Actor) - Revenge of the Nerds
Shaun Cassidy (Singer/Actor) as Joe - The Hardy Boys Mysteries
Phoebe Cates (Actress) as Linda - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Lauren Chapin (Actress) - Father Knows Best
Dave Chappelle (Comedian) - Chappelle Show
Lois Chiles (Actress) - Moonraker
Anna Chlumsky (Actress) as Vada - My Girl
Rae Dawn Chong (Actress) as Sarah Walker - Soul Man
Dennis Christopher (Actor) - Breaking Away
Gordon Clapp (Actor) - NYPD Blue
Candy Clark (Actress) - American Graffiti
Susan Clark (Actress) - Webster
Randall "Tex" Cobb (Actor) - Raising Arizona
Jeff Cohen (Actor) - The Goonies
Mindy Cohn (Actress) as Natalie Green - The Facts of Life
Dabney Coleman (Actor) - Nine to Five
Holly Marie Combs (Actress) as Piper - Charmed
Didi Conn (Actress) as Frenchy - Grease
Sean Connery (Actor) - James Bond
Robert Conrad (Actor) - The Wild Wild West
Tim Conway (Actor) - The Carol Burnett Show
Danny Cooksey (Actor) - Diff'rent Strokes
Alice Cooper (Rock Star)
Francis Ford Coppola Director - The Godfather trilogy
Bud Cort (Actor) - Harold and Maude
Ronny Cox (Actor) - RoboCop
Yvonne Craig (Actress) - Batgirl
Johnny Crawford (Actor/Singer) - The Rifleman
Brandon Cruz (Actor) as Eddie - The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Quinn Cummings (Actress) as Annie - Family (TV Series)
Adam Curry (VJ) - MTV
Mark Curry (Actor) - Hangin' with Mr. Cooper
Tim Curry (Actor) as Dr. Frank N. Furter - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Jane Curtin (Actress) - Saturday Night Live
Charles Cyphers (Actor) - Halloween

Olivia d'Abo (Actress) - The Wonder Years
Beverly D'Angelo (Actress) as Ellen - National Lampoon's Vacation
Jensen Daggett (Actress) - Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan
Tyne Daly (Actress) - Cagney & Lacey
Michael Damian (Singer/Actor) - Young and the Restless
Tony Danza (Actor) - Who's the Boss?
Kim Darby (Actress) as Mattie - True Grit
Jaye Davidson (Actor) as Dil - The Crying Game
John Davidson (Host/Actor) - That's Incredible
Josie Davis (Actress) - as Sarah Powell - Charles in Charge
Mac Davis (Singer)
Pam Dawber (Actress) - Mork & Mindy
Richard Dawson (Host) - Family Feud
Doris Day (Actress/Singer)
Lucy Deakins (Actress) - The Great Outdoors
Yvonne DeCarlo (Actress) as Lily - The Munsters
Tony DeFranco (Singer)
Kim Delaney (Actress) - NYPD Blue
Peter Deluise (Actor) as Doug - 21 Jump Street
Brian Dennehy (Actor) - First Blood/Tommy Boy
Trish Van Devere (Actress) - The Changeling
Joyce DeWitt (Actress) as Janet - Three's Company
Susan Dey (Actress) - The Partridge Family
Angie Dickinson (Actress) as Pepper - Police Woman
Victoria Dillard (Actress) - Spin City
Matt Dillon (Actor/Director) - The Outsiders
Melinda Dillon (Actress) as Mother Parker - A Christmas Story
Donna Dixon (Actress/Singer) -Wayne's World
Mickey Dolenz (Drummer/Actor) - The Monkees
Karen Dotrice (Actress) as Jane Banks - Mary Poppins
Donna Douglas (Actress) as Elly May Clampett - The Beverly Hillbillies
Roma Downey (Actress) - Touched By An Angel
Larry Drake (Actor) - L.A. Law
Fred Dryer (Actor) - Hunter
Rick Ducommun (Actor) - The 'Burbs, Groundhog Day
Michael Dudikoff (Actor) - American Ninja
Julia Duffy (Actress) - Newhart
Patrick Duffy (Actor) - Dallas
Faye Dunaway (Actress) as Bonnie - Bonnie & Clyde
Dick Van Dyke (Actor) - The Dick Van Dyke Show

Max Gail (Actor) - Barney Miller
Johnny Galecki (Actor) - Roseanne
David Gallagher (Actor) - 7th Heaven
Mason Gamble (Actor) as Dennis - Dennis the Menace
Teri Garr (Actress) - Tootsie
Leif Garrett (Actor/Singer)
Lorraine Gary (Actress) - Ellen Brody in Jaws
Crystal Gayle (Singer)
Susan George (Actress) - Straw Dogs
Gil Gerard (Actor) as Buck Rogers - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Lisa Gerritsen (Actress) - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
John Getz (Actor) - Blood Simple
Laura San Giacomo (Actress) - Just Shoot Me
Cynthia Gibb (Actress) - Youngblood
Donald Gibb (Actor) as Ogre - Revenge of the Nerds
Melissa Gilbert (Actress) as Laura Ingalls - Little House on the Prairie
Sara Gilbert (Actress) as Darlene - Roseanne
Anita Gillette (Actress) - Moonstruck
Burton Gilliam (Actor) - Blazing Saddles
Peri Gilpin (Actress) - Frasier
Robin Givens (Actress) as Darlene - Head of the Class
Paul Michael Glaser (Actor) as Starsky - Starsky & Hutch
Summer Glau (Actress) - Firefly
Sharon Gless (Actress) - Cagney & Lacey
Missy Gold (Actress) as Katie - Benson
Tracey Gold (Actress) - Growing Pains
Valeria Golino (Actress) - Rain Man, Hot Shots
The Goonies (Cast Of) - Movie
Keith Gordon (Actor) - Christine
Gerrit Graham (Actor) - Used Cars
Gogi Grant (Singer) - The Wayward Wind
Karen Grassle (Actress) - Little House on the Prairie
Erin Gray (Actress) - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Linda Gray (Actress) - Dallas
Ellen Greene (Actress) - Little Shop of Horrors
Kim Greist (Actress) - Brazil, Manhunter
Joel Grey (Actor) - Cabaret
Richard Grieco (Actor) - 21 Jump Street
Melanie Griffith (Actress) - Working Girl
Scott Grimes (Actor) - Critters
Michael Gross (Actor) as Steven Keaton - Family Ties
Christopher Guest (Actor) - This Is Spinal Tap
Lance Guest (Actor) as Alex - The Last Starfighter
Robert Guillaume (Actor) as Benson - Benson
Steve Guttenberg (Actor) as Officer Mahoney - Police Academy
Jasmine Guy (Actress) as Whitley - A Different World

Shelley Hack (Actress) as Tiffany Welles - Charlie's Angels
Gene Hackman (Actor) - The French Connection
Larry Hagman (Actor) - Dallas, I Dream of Jeannie
Corey Haim (Actor) as Sam - The Lost Boys
Jackie Earle Haley (Actor) - Bad News Bears
Anthony Michael Hall (Actor) - The Breakfast Club
Arsenio Hall (Host) - The Arsenio Hall Show
Veronica Hamel (Actress) - Hill Street Blues
Mark Hamill (Actor) as Luke Skywalker - Star Wars
Linda Carroll Hamilton (Actress) as Sarah Connor - Terminator
MC Hammer (Rapper)
Kadeem Hardison (Actor) as Dwayne - A Different World
Angie Harmon (Actress) - Rizzoli & Isles
Jessica Harper (Actress) - Suspiria
Valerie Harper (Actress) - The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mel Harris (Actress) - thirtysomething
Gregory Harrison (Actor) Trapper John M.D.
Jenilee Harrison (Actress) - Three's Company
Linda Harrison (Actress) - Planet of the Apes
Melissa Joan Hart (Actress) - Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
Dennis Haskins (Actor) as Mr. Belding - Saved by the Bell
Noah Hathaway (Actor) - The Neverending Story
Jimmy Hawkins (Actor) It's A Wonderful Life
Anthony Heald (Actor) - Silence of the Lambs
John Heard (Actor) - Home Alone
Joey Heatherton (Actress) - 1960's Superstar
Dan Hedaya (Actor) - Cheers
Tippi Hedren (Actress) - The Birds, Marnie
Robert Hegyes (Actor) as Juan Epstein - Welcome Back, Kotter
Katherine Helmond (Actress) as Jessica Tate - Soap
Mariel Hemingway (Actress) - Manhattan
Lauri Hendler (Actress) - Gimme A Break!
Carrie Henn (Actress) - Aliens
Jill Hennessy (Actress) - Crossing Jordan
Justin Henry (Actor) - Kramer vs. Kramer
Mike Henry (Actor) - Smokey and the Bandit
Howard Hesseman (Actor) - WKRP in Cincinnati
Dwayne Hickman (Actor) as Dobie - The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
Catherine Hicks (Actress) - 7th Heaven
Joel Higgins (Actor) - Silver Spoons
Freddie Highmore (Actor) - Finding Neverland
Gaby Hoffmann (Actress) - Field of Dreams
Paul Hogan (Actor) - Crocodile Dundee
Polly Holliday (Actress) - Alice
Earl Holliman (Actor) - Forbidden Planet
Josh Holloway (Actor) - Lost
Lee Horsley (Actor) - Matt Houston
Season Hubley (Actress) as Niki - Hardcore
Helen Hunt (Actress) as Jamie - Mad About You
Olivia Hussey (Actress) - Romeo and Juliet


Matthew Labyorteaux (Actor) - Little House on the Prairie
Cheryl Ladd (Actress) - Charlie's Angels
Christine Lakin (Actress) as Al Lambert - Step by Step
Joe Lando (Actor) - Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Heather Langenkamp (Actress) - A Nightmare on Elm Street
AJ Langer (Actress) - My So-Called Life
Murray Langston (Actor/Comedian) - The Unknown Comic
Angela Lansbury (Actress) - Murder, She Wrote
John Larroquette (Actor) as Dan Fielding - Night Court
Louise Lasser (Actress) as Mary - Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Hugh Laurie (Actor) - House
Linda Lavin (Actress) as Alice
Lucy Lawless (Actress) as Xena - Xena: Warrior Princess
Joey Lawrence (Actor) as Joey - Blossom
Vicki Lawrence (Actor) as Thelma Harper - Mama's Family
Michael Learned (Actress) - The Waltons
Kelly LeBrock (Actress) as Lisa - Weird Science
Jason Scott Lee - (Actor) Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Kay Lenz (Actress) as Edith - Breezy
Charlotte Lewis (Actress) - Golden Child
Emmanuel Lewis (Actor) - Webster
Fiona Lewis (Actress) - Innerspace
Jenny Lewis (Actress/singer) - The Wizard
Hal Linden (Actor) - Barney Miller
Jonathan Lipnicki (Actor) - Jerry Maguire
Peggy Lipton (Actress) as Julie - The Mod Squad
Rich Little (Actor/Comedian) - Impersonator
Jason Lively (Actor) - National Lampoon's European Vacation
Stanley Livingston (Actor) - My Three Sons
Christopher Lloyd (Actor) as Doc Brown - Back to the Future
Sondra Locke (Actress) - Every Which Way But Loose
June Lockhart (Actress) - Lost in Space
Gary Lockwood (Actor) - 2001: A Space Odyssey
Gina Lollobrigida (Actress) - Beat the Devil
Shelley Long (Actress) - Cheers
Lisa Loring (Actress) - The Addams Family
Land of the Lost (Cast Of) - Television Series
Betty Lynn (Actress) - The Andy Griffith Show

Ralph Macchio (Actor) as Daniel - The Karate Kid
Ali MacGraw (Actress) as Jennifer - Love Story
Lee Majors (Actor) The Six Million Dollar Man
Chris Makepeace (Actor) - Meatballs
Barbara Mandrell (Singer/Actress) - Barbara Mandrell Show
Larry Manetti (Actor) - Magnum P.I.
Dinah Manoff (Actress) - Grease, Soap, Empty Nest
Randolph Mantooth (Actor) - Emergency!
Kellie Martin (Actress) - Life Goes On
Danny Masterson (Actor) as Steven Hyde - That '70s Show
Mary Stuart Masterson (Actress) - Some Kind of Wonderful
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio - Scarface
Jerry Mathers (Actor) - Leave It to Beaver
Andrew McCarthy (Actor) as Blane - Pretty in Pink
Kent McCord (Actor) - Adam-12
Maureen McCormick (Actress) - The Brady Bunch
Darius McCrary (Actor) - Family Matters
Mary McDonough (Actress) - The Waltons
Bruce McGill (Actor) - Animal House
Everett McGill (Actor) - Silver Bullet
Kelly McGillis (Actress) - Top Gun
Ted McGinley (Actor) - Married...with Children
Elizabeth McGovern (Actress) - She's Having a Baby
Danica McKellar (Actress) - The Wonder Years
Nancy McKeon (Actress) as Jo - The Facts of Life
Kristy McNichol (Actress) - Family
Frank McRae (Actor) - Red Dawn
Laurie Metcalf (Actress) as Jackie - Roseanne
Kari Michaelsen (Actress) - Gimme a Break!
Michael Michele (Actress) - ER
Bette Midler (Actress/Singer) -The Rose
Dick Miller (Actor) - Gremlins
Jeremy Miller (Actor) as Ben Seaver - Growing Pains
Lara Jill Miller (Actress) as Sam - Gimme a Break!
Alley Mills (Actress) - The Wonder Years
Donna Mills (Actress) as Abby - Knots Landing
Hayley Mills (Actress) as Sharon and Susan - The Parent Trap
Beverley Mitchell (Actress/Singer) - 7th Heaven
Scoey Mitchell (Actor) - Barefoot in the Park, Match Game
Richard Moll (Actor) - Night Court
Ricardo Montalban (Actor) as Mr. Roarke - Fantasy Island
Erin Moran (Actress) as Joanie - Happy Days
Rick Moranis (Actor) - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Cindy Morgan (Actress) - Caddyshack, Tron
P.H. Moriarty (Actor) The Long Good Friday, Jaws 3-D
Rebecca De Mornay (Actress) - Risky Business, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Kathryn Morris (Actress) - Cold Case
Don Most (Actor) - Happy Days
Tahj Mowry (Actor) as Teddy - Full House
Bill Mumy (Actor) Lost in Space
Caroline Munro (Actress) - Dracula A.D. 1972
Ben Murphy (Actor) - Alias Smith and Jones
Erin Murphy (Actress) - Tabitha Stevens, Bewitched

Ron Palillo (Actor) as Arnold - Welcome Back Kotter
Joe Pantoliano (Actor) - The Goonies
Michael Pare (Actor) as Eddie - Eddie & The Cruisers
Lar Park-Lincoln (Actress) - Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
Andrea Parker (Actress) - The Pretender
Jameson Parker (Actor) - Simon and Simon
Lara Parker (Actress) - Dark Shadows
Karyn Parsons (Actress) as Hilary - Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Butch Patrick (Actor) - The Munsters
Vincent Van Patten (Actor)
Adrian Paul (Actor) - Highlander: The Series
Nia Peeples (Actress) Fame
Joe Penny (Actor) Jake and the Fatman
Rhea Perlman (Actress) - Cheers
Steve Perry (Singer) - Journey
Joe Pesci (Actor) - Goodfellas
Bernadette Peters (Actress) - The Jerk
Paul Petersen (Actor) - The Donna Reed Show
William Peterson (Actor) - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Michelle Pfeiffer (Actress) - Scarface, Batman Returns
Jo Ann Pflug (Actress) - MASH
Mekhi Phifer (Actor) - ER
Mackenzie Phillips (Actress) as Julie - One Day at a Time
Bronson Pinchot (Actor) as Balki - Perfect Strangers
Ron Pinkard (Actor) - Emergency!
Danny Pintauro (Actor) - Who's the Boss?
Maria Pitillo (Actress) - Godzilla
Martha Plimpton (Actress) - The Goonies
Eve Plumb (Actress) - The Brady Bunch
Michael J. Pollard (Actor) - Bonnie and Clyde
Alisan Porter (Actress) - Parenthood, Curly Sue
Markie Post (Actress) - Night Court
Annie Potts (Actress) - Ghostbusters
Jane Powell (Actress) - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Stefanie Powers (Actress) - Hart to Hart
Marc Price (Actor) as Skippy - Family Ties
Pat Priest
Victoria Principal (Actress) - Dallas
Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Actor) - She's All That
Jon Provost (Actor) - Lassie
Linda Purl (Actress) - Happy Days/The Office/Matlock

Benjamin Salisbury (Actor) - The Nanny
William Sanderson (Actor) - Blade Runner
Gary Sandy (Actor) WKRP in Cincinnati
Reni Santoni (Actor) - Dirty Harry, Seinfeld
Joe Santos (Actor) - The Rockford Files
Mia Sara (Actress) as Sloane - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Ben Savage (Actor) - Boy Meets World
Fred Savage (Actor) as Kevin - The Wonder Years
Josh Saviano (Actor) as Paul - The Wonder Years
John Saxon (Actor) - A Nightmare on Elm Street
Glenn Scarpelli (Actor) - One Day At A Time
Michael Schoeffling (Actor) as Jake - Sixteen Candles
Bitty Schram (Actress) - A League of Their Own, Monk
David Schramm (Actor) - Wings
Ricky Schroder (Actor) - Silver Spoons
Dwight Schultz (Actor) - The A-Team
Peter Scolari (Actor) - Bosom Buddies and Newhart
Campbell Scott (Actor/Director) - Singles
Kimberly Scott (Actress) - The Abyss, Flatliners, Batman Forever
Larry B. Scott (Actor) - Revenge of the Nerds
David Selby (Actor) - Dark Shadows, Falcon Crest
Connie Sellecca (Actress) as Christine - Hotel
Charles Shaughnessy (Actor) - The Nanny
Stan Shaw (Actor) - Snake Eyes, Fried Green Tomatoes
Alia Shawkat (Actress) - Arrested Development
Cybill Shepherd (Actress) - Moonlighting
Pauly Shore (Actor) - Encino Man
Jane Sibbett (Actress) - Herman's Head, Friends
Gregory Sierra (Actor) as Detective Sergeant Chano - Barney Miller
Alicia Silverstone (Actress) - The Crush, Clueless
Lori Singer (Actress) Footloose
Helen Slater (Actress) - Supergirl
Charles Martin Smith (Actor) - American Graffiti
Ilan Mitchell Smith (Actor) as Wyatt - Weird Science
Jaclyn Smith (Actress) - Charlie's Angels
Taran Noah Smith (Actor) - Home Improvement
Jan Smithers (Actress) - WKRP in Cincinnati
Jimmy Smits (Actor) - NYPD Blue, LA Law
Jurnee Smollett (Actress) as Denise - Full House
P.J. Soles (Actress) - Carrie, Halloween
Elke Sommer (Actress) as Maria - A Shot in the Dark
Josef Sommer (Actor) - Dirty Harry, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Kevin Sorbo (Actor) - Hercules
Talisa Soto (Model/Actress) - Mortal Kombat
David Soul (Actor) - Starsky and Hutch
Sissy Spacek (Actress) - Carrie
Danielle Spencer (Actress) as Dee - What's Happening!
Rick Springfield (Actor/Singer) as Dr. Drake - General Hospital
Joan Staley (Actress) - The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Jean Stapleton (Actress) as Edith Bunker - All in the Family
Amy Steel (Actress) - Friday the 13th Part 2
Barbara Steele (Actress) - Black Sunday
Harvey Spencer Stephens (Actor) - The Omen
Stella Stevens (Actress) - The Nutty Professor, The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Julia Stiles (Actress) - 10 Things I Hate About You
Dean Stockwell (Actor) - Quantum Leap
Rob Stone (Actor/Director) - Mr. Belvedere
Sharon Stone (Actress) - Basic Instinct
Madeleine Stowe (Actress) - The Last of the Mohicans
Peter Strauss (Actor) - Rich Man, Poor Man
Sherry Stringfield (Actress) - ER
Sally Struthers (Actress) - All in the Family
Susan Sullivan (Actress) - Falcon Crest
Kristine Sutherland (Actress) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Kristy Swanson (Actress) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Heidi Swedberg (Actress/Musician) - Seinfeld
D.B. Sweeney (Actor) - Eight Men Out, The Cutting Edge
Julia Sweeney (Actress) - Saturday Night Live, Pulp Fiction
Loretta Swit (Actress) - M*A*S*H
Harold Sylvester (Actor) - Married...with Children


Justine Waddell (Actress) - Dracula 2000
Lindsay Wagner (Actress) - The Bionic Woman
Ken Wahl (Actor) as Vinnie - Wiseguy
Jamie Walters (Actor/Musician) - Beverly Hills, 90210
Burt Ward (Actor) as Robin, the Boy Wonder - Batman
Fred Ward - Tremors/Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
Sela Ward (Actress) - Sisters
Marsha Warfield (Actress) as Roz - Night Court
Billy Warlock (Actor) - Days of Our Lives
Malcolm Jamal Warner (Actor) as Theo - The Cosby Show
Jennifer Warren (Actress) - Slap Shot
Craig Wasson (Actor) - Body Double
Gedde Watanabe (Actor) - Sixteen Candles
Tionne Watkins (Singer) - TLC
Barry Watson (Actor) - 7th Heaven
Chloe Webb (Actress) - Sid and Nancy
Ann Wedgeworth (Actress) as Lana Shields - Threes Company
Michael Weiss (Actor) as Jarod - The Pretender
Raquel Welch (Actress) - One Million Years B.C.
Lisa Welchel (Actress) as Blair - The Facts of Life
Tuesday Weld (Actress) as Dobie - Peyton Place
Dawn Wells (Actress) - Gilligan's Island
Vernon Wells (Actor) - Mad Max 2, Commando
George Wendt (Actor) - Cheers
Adam West (Actor) - Batman
Patricia Wettig (Actress) - thirtysomething
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson (Actress) - Fletch, Tombstone
Jill Whelan (Actress) - The Love Boat
Jaleel White (Actor) as Steve Urkel - Family Matters
Jaleel White (Actor) as Steve Urkel - Family Matters
Leonard Whiting (Actor) - Romeo and Juliet
Larry Wilcox (Actor) - CHiPs
Jack Wild (Actor) as The Artful Dodger - Oliver
Gene Wilder (Actor) as Willy Wonka - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Anson Williams (Actor) - Happy Days
Billy Dee Williams (Actor) as Lando Calrissian - Star Wars
Cindy Williams (Actress) - Laverne & Shirley
Hal Williams (Actor) - 227
Kellie Williams (Actress) as Laura Winslow - Family Matters
Van Williams (Actor) - The Green Hornet
Mara Wilson (Actress) - Matilda
Debra Winger (Actress) as Juliet - An Officer and a Gentleman
Alex Winter (Actor) as Bill - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
James Wlcek (Actor) - Ryan's Hope
Scott Wolf (Actor) - Party of Five
Max Wright (Actor) - ALF
Noah Wyle (Actor) - ER


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