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Updated: 12/04/17

Name: Adrian Paul

Born: May 29, 1959, London, England

Claim To Fame: Adrian's most prominent role to date is that of Duncan MacLeod in the syndicated series, "Highlander".

Family Life: Meilani Paul (1990 - 1997) (divorced) Paul has two children with long-time girlfriend Alexandra Tonnelli: Angelisa Valentina Rose (born January 8, 2010) and Royce Paul (born July 16, 2012).

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Info: His mother is Italian and his father is British. Before becoming an actor, Adrian was first a model, and then a dancer and choreographer in Europe. He fluently speaks English, French, and Italian. He left Europe in 1985 for the United States where he pursued a dance and modeling career. Acting was not his main focus until he was urged to audition shortly after his arrival in America.

His first role came on the ABC television series, "The Colbys" as the Russian expatriate ballet dancer, Kolya. This led to a role in the Broadway play "Bouncers" in 1987 and to a guest appearance on the television show "Beauty and the Beast" in 1988. His first film appearance was in the 1989 film "Last Rites" with Tom Berenger.

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Trivia: Extensively studied Martial Arts, learning Kung Fu, Tae-Kwon-Do, and boxing

Played semi-pro soccer and is still a soccer fan.

Declared a hero in the fall of 1993 when a thief ran through the set of "Highlander" with a stolen video camera and Paul pounced on him, holding the suspect until police could arrive.

Founded The Peace Fund charitable organization in 1998.

Given title "Sexiest Action Star" from People Magazine in 2000.

Has a vast private collection of swords throughout his home.

Helped start an acting troop in Los Angeles, called "Actors in Process." In April 2005 he produced and starred in their stage production of Things Just Change..

In Highlander, performed and helped choreograph his own fight and sword scenes, also much of his own stunt driving

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Where Are They Now: Since 1997, Paul has worked extensively for his charity organization PEACE (Protect, Educate, Aid Children Everywhere) under the auspices of Athletes and Entertainers for Kids, which puts into action the "School Makes a Difference" program, taking celebrities into schools and community centers to mentor children..

He has also remained busy with film and television work. He starred alongside Christopher Lambert in Highlander: Endgame (2000) and returned to television as the star and producer of Tracker (2001). Television guest appearances included Charmed and Relic Hunter; while film projects in recent years included The Breed, The Void, Code Hunter, Nemesis Game, Moscow Heat, Throttle and Tides of War..

Most recently, He starred as Sir Francis Drake in the Sci Fi original film The Immortal Voyage of Captain Drake (2009), and the futuristic thriller Eyeborgs. Upcoming projects include the thriller/drama The Heavy. He was the voice of Ulysses in the 2012 short Dante's Inferno Animated.

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