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Updated: 11/4/2007

Name: Adrian Zmed

Born: March 4, 1954 in Chicago, Illinois

Claim To Fame: Adrian is best known for his roles as "Johnny Nogerelli" in Grease 2, and as "Officer Vince Romano" in the T.J. Hooker television series

Family Life: Susan Wood (1980's - present) 2 sons, Zach and Dylan.

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Info: Adrian's role in Grease 2 led to a short period playing other teenagers on film, including 1983's The Final Terror, in which he played "Gerone". While this film bombed at the box office, his next movie (while not necessarily a hit by Hollywood economical standards), fared better: Zmed played "Jay O'Neill" in 1984's Bachelor Party, alongside Tom Hanks.

Trivia: Adrian took on the role of Danny Zuko in Grease twice: first during the original Broadway run in the 1970s, and again during the show's revival in 1995.

Adrian made his television debut as "Socks Palermo" in the 1979 series Flatbush. In 1980, he appeared on another television series, The Goodtime Girls, playing "Frankie Millardo". This was followed by a guest appearance in 1982's An Evening at the Improv.

Was the host of Dance Fever.

T.J. Hooker, was based on the life of a real Los Angeles cop of the same name. Adrian appeared on the show until 1985.

Adrian Zmed returned to stage work in the 1990s. He headlined the musical Children of Eden at the Paper Mill Playhouse, and starred in three shows on Broadway: Falsettos, Blood Brothers,
and Grease. He most recently appeared as Noah in the musical The Ark, in New York City, and in the 2006 Stan Harrington film, The Craving Heart.

Often mistaken as "the kid in One Day At A Time" who was actually Glenn Scarpelli.

Glenn Scarpelli From
One Day At A Time

Adrian Zmed

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Where Are They Now: As mentioned above, in the 90's Adrian really threw himself into the theater.

Even with all his theater work, he still stayed somewhat busy with some roles for TV both in movies and TV series.

In 2006 filmed a 30 second PSA on chained dogs for humane non-profit Dogs Deserve Better.

If you watch the soap opera 'Passions' then you may have recognized Adrian as the "floating head". I really have no idea about this but it's listed as a credit!

Next up for Adrian is an appearance in the Holiday special for TV, 'Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas Spectacular'.

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