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Updated: 5/21/15

Name: Alisan Porter

Born: June 20, 1981, Worcester, Massachusetts

Claim To Fame: She is known for her roles in Parenthood and Curly Sue.

Family Life: In 2012, Porter married Brian Autenrieth, a fruit exporter and former Days of Our Lives actor. They have two children: son Mason Blaise (born July 17, 2012) and daughter Aria Sage (born May 8, 2014).

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Info: Porter has been performing since the age of three. When she was five, she became the youngest participant ever to win the Star Search show. She is best known for playing the title role in the film Curly Sue.

In high school, she joined a theatre group and took part in several productions. She moved to New York City at 18 to audition for Broadway shows, and was cast as Urleen in Footloose.

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Trivia: Is Jewish.

Porter's mother, Laura Klein, was a dance coach for Diane Klimaszewski & Elaine Klimaszewski (now better known as the Coors Light Twins).

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Where Are They Now: Now living in Los Angeles ? where she's formed the band The Alison Porter Project ? the singer-actress also performs in stage productions like The Ten Commandments: The Musical.

Since December 2008, Porter is a contributing columnist for Movmnt Magazine.

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