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Updated: 6/11/2010

Name: Ann Wedgeworth

Birth Name: Elizabeth Ann Wedgeworth

Born: January 21, 1935, Abilene, Texas

Claim To Fame: While Ann has had many, many roles her short-lived role in 'Three's Company' in 1979 as Lana Shields may be what most of us know her from. The other role she is closely identified with is that of Merleen Eldridge from the Burt Reynolds sitcom 'Evening Shade'.

Family Life: Ernest "Ernie" Martin (1970 - present) 1 child
Rip Torn (1956 - 1961) (divorced) 1 daughter

Info: A versatile performer, she enjoys many of the great female roles penned by Tennessee Williams. She is naturally partial to dramatic roles, but can hold her own in a comedy.

Ann has been seen on the Broadway stage in plays such as Thieves, Make a Million and The Last Analysis. Her many movie roles include The Hunter's Moon (1999), The Whole Wide World (1996), Love and a .45 (1994), Green Card (1990) and Steel Magnolias (1989).

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Trivia: Attended The University of Texas at Austin (graduated 1957).

Attended high school in Dallas with Jayne Mansfield... they were childhood friends Jayne Mansfield.

1958 NYC stage debut, "The Crucible"

1965 Film debut, "Andy"

1970 Played Lahoma Lucas on NBC daytime drama "Somerset"

Played Bootsie Westchester on CBS sitcom "Filthy Rich"

Won Broadway's 1978 Tony Award as Best Actress for "Chapter Two."

Won a Drama Desk Award for her role in "A Lie of the Mind" (1986).

Appeared on "The Edge of Night" (CBS) and the NBC dramas "Another World" and its spin-off "Somerset".

She was Rip Torn's first wife, before he married Geraldine Page. They have a daughter, actress Danae Torn.

Over fifteen years after their divorce she appeared with ex-husband Rip Torn in the film Birch Interval (1976). By this time he was married to actress Geraldine Page.

Wedgeworth joined the seasoned cast of "Three's Company" in 1979 as bosomy neighbor/ divorc?e Lana Shields who had strict and assertive designs on 'John Ritter's Jack Tripper character. It was a tawdry, one-note character that really didn't fit in with the harmless leering and silly, physical slapstick of the show.

She was promptly written out of the series in mid-season with no explanation given in the story for Lana's disappearance. Later Wedgeworth revealed that she wasn't "fired" but asked to be let go. After shooting a couple of episodes of the show, Wedgeworth said, some of the cast members were complaining about the size of her part and the character dwindled down to practically "nothing". Wedgeworth asked the producers to write the part of Lana back to the way it was intended or release her.

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Where Are They Now: Ann has kept busy in both films and TV throughout her career.

Most recently, Ann was seen in 'The Hawk Is Dying' with Paul Giamatti that was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2006.

She is now living in Austin, TX just waiting for her next role.

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