Anson Williams (Actor) as Potsie- Happy Days
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Updated: 11/21/2004

Name: Anson Williams

Birth Name: Anson William Heimlick

Born: September 25, 1952 in Los Angeles, California

Claim To Fame: He will forever be remembered for his role as Potsie on "Happy Days". He appeared on the show through its entire run.

Family Life: Married Lorrie Mahaffey (5 May 1978 - 1986) (divorced) 1 child.

Married Jackie Gerken (? - present)

Info: Anson became a director of several TV series/movies and theatrical films after "Happy Days" ended in 1984.

He has directed episodes of TV series such as "The Pretender", "The Cape", "Beverly Hills 90210", "L.A. Law", "SeaQuest 2032"

In 1987, he and fellow "Happy Days" cast member Al Molinaro opened a chain of diners Midwest called appropriately enough, Big Al's.

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Trivia: Nephew of Dr. Henry Heimlich, creator of the "Heimlich maneuver."

Throughout high school, Williams worked nights at his dad's struggling Orange Julius stand on Van Nuys Boulevard.

The St. Joseph's aspirin commercial where the song "Pumps your blood" is sung by Anson Williams. You may remember...

Anson as Potsie, sang the song in the sixth season finale of Happy Days, "Potsie Quits School." He writes a song so he can remember how the heart works, because he has never had a problem memorizing song lyrics.

He sings it to himself during the exam, and gets an A. When the teacher thinks Potsie cheated, he has to prove to him how he knew everything, so he breaks into song and dances around the classroom.

Where Are They Now: He lives in Malibu, CA with his wife Jackie Gerken (a television producer and a former vice president of production for Dino De Laurentiis) and his daughter Hannah Lily who was born in 1989.

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