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Updated: 1/16/18

Name: Arsenio Hall

Born: February 12, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio

Claim To Fame: Most people know Arsenio from his talk show, 'The Arsenio Hall Show', which ran from 1989 to 1994. His show was known for the audience's shouting "Whoop whoop whoop!".

Family Life: Single, used to date Paula Abdul. Has a son.

Info: The Arsenio Hall Show distinguished itself by targeting audiences that have been largely ignored by other late-night talk shows: African Americans, and Latinos, as well as the younger generation of television viewers which he identified on several occasions as the "MTV generation." Hall reached these audiences through a hip and casual approach to the show, strongly informed by his talent as a stand-up comedian as well as by tales of his childhood experiences in a Cleveland lower middle class community. In fact, Hall constantly invoked stories about being someone who left the ghetto for another type of life but who was still emotionally and politically connected to it. The strategy kept his television persona grounded at a level closer to audiences.

Trivia: Arsenio Hall (as a character named Chunky A) put out an album entitled "Large And In Charge." Paula Abdul, Wil Wheaton and Ice-T are among the guests that appear on the album.

He was a member of Ohio University's forensics (competitive speech) team. The team has also had Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) and Leon Harris (morning anchor, CNN) as members.

He appeared in a TV commercial for Tab Cola in the mid-80s.

Replaced Joan Rivers as host of the late night talk show, "The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers" in 1987 after she was fired and the name of the show was changed to "The Late Show Starring Arsenio Hall"

As a teenager, he was an accomplished magician.

Graduated from Kent State University.

Was an M.C. at the Sheba Lounge in Chicago, late 70s, early 80s. Discovered by jazz singer Nancy Wilson (See a video clip of Nancy Wilson click here)

Composed the theme song to his talk show.

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Where Are They Now: Arsenio is busy working as a producer and
director on 'The Other 23 Hours.' It's a behind-the-scenes look at the black stand-up comedy circuit.

He also has returned to doing Stand Up and has appeared at various venues.

If you are a fan of The Proud Family, then you probably heard Arsenio as he was the voice of Dr. Carver/Bobby Proud.

In the past few years he has appeared repeatedly on 'The
Chappelle Show' and 'Best Damn Sport Show.'

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