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Updated: 04/06/17

Name: Barret Oliver

Birth Name: Barrett Spencer Oliver

Born: 24 August 1973, Los Angeles, California, USA

Nickname: Barry

Claim To Fame: He has appeared several memorable films of '80s, some of the most well-known being Cocoon, D.A.R.Y.L., and The NeverEnding Story.

Family Life: No info found.

Info: '80s child actor best known for his work on The NeverEnding Story (1984), Cocoon (1985) and Frankenweenie (1984).

Has done "voice-overs" in television programs such as "The Archers", "Riders of the Storm", and The Executioner's Song (1982) (TV).

Has appeared in television commercials for several institutions such as McDonald's, Goodyear Tires, Visa Card, Security Pacific Bank, Marineland, and Hertz.

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Trivia: Attended Los Feliz (Apple) School, an Elementary School in Los Angeles.

Is the son of Kathy and Kent Oliver. He has an elder brother named Kyle Oliver.

His mother, Kathy, worked as his manager. His father, Kent, worked as an interior designer. Barret developed an interest in acting after his elder brother, Kyle, became involved in acting as a child.

He has written articles on photography and contributed to demonstrations and workshops.

He has authored the book "A History of the Woodburytype." Woodburytypes are made from a 19th century photo-mechanical process.

Where Are They Now: Oliver teaches photography in Los Angeles, California.

He has become a photograph historian after learning the 19th Century Wet-Plate process from artist Stephen Berkman and studying with master photographers Cole Weston and George Tice, Barret's print work has been part of numerous gallery and museum exhibitions.

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