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Updated: 1/11/17

Name: Barry Newman

Birth Name: Barry Foster Newman

Born: November 7, 1938, Boston, Massachusetts

Claim To Fame: He is known for his portrayal of Kowalski in the movie Vanishing Point, and for his title role in the 1970s television series Petrocelli.

Family Life: No info found.

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Info: Newman decided to pursue acting after attending a class taught by Actors Studio mentor, Lee Strasberg.

He became well known for his role in the daytime drama The Edge of Night. In 1960, he had a role in the film Pretty Boy Floyd, but made his breakthrough as a cocky gonzo attorney in The Lawyer (1969). He reprised this character in the 1974 TV movie Night Games.

He was chosen to play Kowalski in the 1971 action film Vanishing Point. Although Newman was not director Richard C. Sarafian's original choice, the studio 20th Century Fox insisted on using him in the role. The film went on to garner a cult following over the years.

He later starred on the TV series Petrocelli as a big-city lawyer, a role which garnered him an Emmy nomination in 1975 and a Golden Globe in 1976. Newman returned to the stage when Petrocelli was canceled in 1976, appeared in several made-for-TV movies and in the Aaron Spelling "jiggle" series, Nightingales (1989).

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Trivia: Graduated from Brandeis University with an Anthropology degree.

Received a liberal education, including such subjects as Latin, Hebrew, and music.

Is the son of an Austrian father and Swedish mother.

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Where Are They Now: In 2009, he appeared in episodes of the TV series The Cleaner and Ghost Whisperer. He plays Bill Tannery in the 2015 comedy/drama Raise Your Kids on Seltzer.

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