Beverly D'Angelo (Actress) as Ellen - National Lampoon's Vacation
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Updated: 03/11/2007

Name: Beverly D'Angelo

Born: November 15, 1951 on Columbus, Ohio

Claim To Fame: Beverly has been in a wide variety of hit movies but her biggest and probably most well-known role is that of Ellen Griswold in the 'Vacation' movies. She played Chevy Chase's wife in the films.

Family Life: Lorenzo Salviati (September 1981 - 1995) (divorced)
Has twins Olivia & Anton, with former boyfriend Al Pacino.

Besides Al Pacino, she has dated:
- Milos Forman
- Neil Jordan
- Anton Furst
- Sam Kinison
- A much younger Scott Baio

Info: After gaining minor roles in movies including Annie Hall, Beverly had a string of hit movies in the late 1970s, appearing in 'Every Which Way But Loose', 'Hair', and 'Coal Miner's Daughter' (she portrayed the singer Patsy Cline, and did all her own singing).

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Trivia: Studied visual arts and was an exchange student in Italy before joining Hanna-Barbera Studios in Hollywood as a cartoonist. She toured Canada as a singer and appeared with a rock band called "Elephant."

Sang all the songs in Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) in which she played the late Patsy Cline.

She comes from a show business family. Her father, Gene, was the General Manager of television station WBNS-TV, channel 10, in Columbus, Ohio.

Friend of Lauren Hutton. Appears on her infomercial for the "Lauren Hutton face disc" cosmetics.

Anton Furst, an Academy award-winning production designer, committed suicide in 1991 after they broke up.

She has battled Al Pacino over their custody since the birth of their twins... they currently share custody.

Where Are They Now: Beverly really has never slowed down. She's stays busy acting and if you watch 'Entourage' then you probably recognized Beverly. She plays Ari Gold's partner.

She also will be seen in some upcoming TV films that have completed filming... 'Oranges' and 'Imperfect Union.'

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