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Updated: 10/11/2004

Name: Brett Butler

Birth Name: Brett Ashley Anderson

Born: January 30, 1958 in Montgomery, Alabama

Claim To Fame: Comedienne and actress ("Grace Under Fire")

Family Life: Ken Zeiger (August 1987 - 1999) (divorced)
Charles Michael Mike' Wilson' (July 1978 - 1981) (divorced)
Eldest of five girls: Tana, Toren, Kristen and Katy.

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Info: By 19, Butler found herself in a violent marriage. It was comedy that helped her get through, even in the oddest moments.

1981 Arrested for drunk driving, Marietta GA. "I hit two trees and a mailbox... I had stitches in my face and black eyes. I was put in jail overnight. I could have killed somebody." Fined $250.

In October of 1996 she admitted a dependency to painkillers.

In August 1997 she entered rehab to treat her addiction to painkillers.

Then in 1998 she re-entered rehab.

Trivia: Was named after Lady Brett Ashley in "The Sun Also
Rises" by Ernest Hemingway. Her mother's remarriage to Bob
Butler when Brett was six changed her surname from Anderson
to Butler.

Made two appearances on Dolly Parton's 1987 Variety Show,
Dolly. The first was her stand-up comedy act, the second, a
comedy skit with Dolly. She became a writer on the Dolly
show after her first appearance.

She's a vegetarian.

Worked as a cocktail waitress before becoming a success in
the entertainment industry.

Her show "Grace Under Fire" "Grace Under Fire," a show that
lasted for 112 episodes and was the first U.S. sitcom to be
broadcast in Russia.

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Where Are They Now: Brett's life is filled with stand-up
performances, writing, and lots of time at home with her
partner of five years, Matthew, and their four dogs, three
cats and several Tennessee walking horses.

There were reports all over the place the beginning of the year
that she was working on a remake of "McCloud" for the USA
Network. Brett was to play the role of Sam McCloud... I know it
sounds weird. Anyway, while USA did option the idea, nothing
has come of it. Filming was supposed to start in spring of this
year, but for reasons that I can't find, it hasn't begun and no
word if it will come to fruition.

Brett says in an interview from earlier this year, "I really like
the McCloud thing, I really like the woman writing it, and I'm
one of the executive producers of it. It's been a really slow
process, which I'm fine with."

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