Brian Bonsall (Actor) as Andrew - Family Ties
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Updated: 07/17/2005

Name: Brian Bonsall

Born: December 3, 1981 in Terrance, California

Claim To Fame: Brian Bonsall played Andrew Keaton, the youngest of the Keatons in 'Family Ties.' He came to the series in season five and was a regular cast member until the end.

Info: Brian was brought to the show to add the cute kid factor that seems to happen late in a series. His career never really took off, although most kids know Brian from the Disney film he made called, 'Blank Check.'

Trivia: Got a black armband tattoo on his 18th birthday.

Began bands, Late Bloomers and Thruster in the past year.

Attended Missouri Military Academy for one year

You may also remember Brian from a series of TV commercials he appeared in with Art Carney for Coca Cola.

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Where Are They Now: On May 28, 2004, on suspicion of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license in Boulder, Colorado. The rumor is that when he was asked by the officer if he had been drinking, he replied, 'plenty.'

He was previously convicted on a DUI charge in 2001.

Brian has thrown himself into music. In May, he had this to say, "Music is my passion and it's how I want to spend the rest of my days. I have no interest in returning to acting."

"Even if the band doesn't work out, I want to be associated with music somehow."

There has been speculation on whether or not Brian worked at a radio station in Detroit in 2003. Some say it was him, and others are saying it was a man impersonating him. The radio station was WRIF Radio where his on-air name is O.D.

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