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Updated: 02/04/2007

Name: Carol Burnett

Birth Name: Carol Creighton Burnett

Born: April 26, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas

Claim To Fame: She's had a long and extremely successful career. It's hard to just point to one thing that she's most famous for. But I guess you have to say it's her comedy/variety show that aired on CBS called, 'The Carol Burnett Show.'

Family Life: Brian Miller (November 2001 - present)
Joe Hamilton (4 May 1963 - 1984) (divorced) 3 children
Don Saroyan (15 December 1955 - December 1962) (divorced)

Info: Whether on television, movie screens, or the Broadway stage, Carol Burnett has endeared herself to generations of audiences as one of the world's most dynamic and beloved comediennes. Beginning with her wacky, inspired antics as a regular in the early 1960s on The Garry Moore Show, she attained legendary status as the star of the Carol Burnett Show, the long-running, Emmy Award-winning CBS-TV variety series.

Trivia: Was forced to drop out of the 1964 Broadway musical "Fade Out, Fade In" after sustaining a neck injury in a taxi accident. The show's producers sued her for breach of contract, but the suit was later dropped.

In 1981, she successfully sued the "National Enquirer" for libel, prompted by its article describing her alleged public drunkenness during an altercation with then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
while in a Washington restaurant. The case remains a landmark in the study of libel cases involving celebrities, even though the unprecedented $1.6 million verdict (including $300,000 in personal damages and $1.3 million in "punitive" damages) was later reduced on appeal and the case was eventually settled out of court. Burnett donated the money to charity. She said she pursued the lawsuit because, as the daughter of two deceased alcoholics, the gossip paper's fabrication wounded her emotionally and that they should be punished for their irresponsibility when writing lies about celebrities.

Daughter Erin Hamilton was Miss Golden Globe 1993.

Considered Jim Nabors to be her good luck charm. He appeared as a guest on the first episode of "The Carol Burnett Show" (1967), and when the show took off, she had him back on the first episode of every season.

Lost her daughter, Carrie Hamilton, on January 20, 2002 to lung and brain cancer.

Used to work as an usherette in a movie theater in Hollywood. Years later, when she received a star on the Hollywood Blvd. Walk of Fame, she asked for it to placed in front of the theater where she used to work.

1985: Inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame.

Received Special Tony Award in 1969. She was also twice nominated for the Tony Award: in 1960, as Best Actress (Musical) for "Once Upon a Mattress," a performance she recreated in a television special of the same name, Once Upon a Mattress (1972) (TV); and in 1996, as Best Actress (Play) for "Moon Over Buffalo."

Was a good friend of Lucille Ball, with whom she appeared several times on "The Lucy Show" (1962).

At age 10, comedian Jim Carrey sent her his resume.

Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush on 9 November 2005. Other recipients were Frank Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Gen. Richard Myers, Paul Rusesabagina, Andy Griffith, Aretha Franklin, Vint Cerf and his Internet co developer Robert Kahn, Jack Nicklaus, Alan Greenspan, and former congressman G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery.

Lucille Ball gave Carol her first baby shower.

Has appeared in three different television adaptations of "Once Upon A Mattress", the Broadway version of the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea." In the 1964 and 1972 versions, she played Princess Winnifred. 33 years later, she played Queen Aggravain in the 2005 Disney adaptation.

Best friends with Julie Andrews

"Bob Mackie' is her favorite designer. She often wore his costumes for the Carol Burnett Show.

Her famous left ear pulling during all on-camera appearances is a way of saying "Hello" to her late grandmother. It was her grandmother who raised her and took her to the movies all the time.

Besides her left ear pull.. she's also well-known for her Tarzan yell.

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Where Are They Now: Carol still is working. She is scheduled to be in an upcoming movie called 'The Last Guy on Earth.'

She also just appeared on All My Children which is her favorite soap opera.

And if you watch Desperate Housewives you may remember Carol making an appearance last year.

She also seems to be busy being honored or receiving some kind of award.

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