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Updated: 3/19/15

Name: Connie Sellecca

Birth Name: Concetta Sellecchia

Born: May 25, 1955 in The Bronx, New York

Claim To Fame: Depending on your age you will probably know Connie from the TV series 'The Greatest American Hero' or 'Hotel.' For others, she's probably most known as the wife of John Tesh.

Family Life: John Tesh (April 1992 - present) 1 child
Gil Gerard (1979 - 1987) (divorced) 1 child

She has two children: son, Gib, with ex-husband, Gil Gerard and daughter, Prima, with husband John Tesh. Prima, who was born in 1994, was named for Connie's late father, Primo Sellecchia.

Info: Born in the Bronx, Connie moved with her family to the upstate New York town of Pomona at age 12. She became involved in student productions at Ramapo High School and with the encouragement of her speech teacher, she withdrew from Boston College, signed with a New York agent and pursued an acting career.

After moving into a "one bedroom/ one bathroom/ one closet apartment with four girls," Connie quickly garnered top fashion and commercial assignments in New York and in Europe to support her acting studies. Her very first screen test won her first starring role in ABC's "The Bermuda Depths," with Burl Ives and Carl Weathers.

Trivia: She's a former lingerie and fashion model. In fact I was quite shocked to see how many nude pictures there are of her floating around on the Internet.

Prior to her second marriage to John Tesh, they had a traditional courtship, no sex or living together until their wedding night and dated seriously for 2 years.

When she was younger she was fond of playing bizarre practical jokes, usually involving faking her own suicide or death. Reportedly, then-husband Gil Gerard, got so used to coming home and finding her lying in a pool of fake blood, he developed a critiquing system for her.

Is a spokesperson for MADD's Project Red Ribbon campaign against drunk driving.

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Where Are They Now: She has become well known in the skin care products arena. She is co-creator of the "Sellecca Solution" skin care products and works very hard at promoting them and has turned it into a very successful business.

She also is active in charities and is a born-again Christian.

Sellecca had a role in the 2009 film The Wild Stallion. She appeared in the 2012 TV movie All About Christmas Eve as Elizabeth Cole, and on a 2015 episode of the TV series Intelligence For Your Life.

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