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Updated: 9/6/17

Name: David Selby

Born: February 5, 1941, Morgantown, West Virginia

Claim To Fame: Selby is best known for playing Quentin Collins on the ABC-TV serial, Dark Shadows, and Richard Channing on the CBS soap opera Falcon Crest.

Family Life: He has been married to Claudeis Newman since 1963 and they have three children.

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Info: Selby played the role of Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows from 1968 until the series ended in 1971, and later brought the character to film with the second Dark Shadows movie, Night of Dark Shadows (1971).

He played the villainous Michael Tyronne on the final season of the NBC primetime serial Flamingo Road before joining the cast of Falcon Crest in 1982. He remained on the show for eight seasons and became close friends with Jane Wyman, who played his mother on the show.

Selby also has a few movie credits to his name, including Up the Sandbox (1972), The Super Cops (1974), White Squall, D3: The Mighty Ducks, Raise the Titanic, and Surviving Christmas (2004).

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Trivia: Was awarded West Virginia University's first Life Achievement Award from the College of Creative Arts in 1998, and an honorary doctorate in 2004.

is an honorary member of the West Virginia University Creative Arts Center's Advisory Board.

Named his son, Jamison Selby, after a character on Dark Shadows.

Holds a PhD. in Theater from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.

Played the only man, other than her husband, to kiss Olivia Walton during the entire run of The Waltons.

In 2009, Selby portrayed Abraham Lincoln in The Heavens Are Hung in Black, a play commissioned to commemorate the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birthday last year, as well as celebrate the grand reopening of Ford's Theatre.

He wrote the plays "Lincoln and James" and "Final Assault" as well as the poetry collections My Mother's Autumn and Happenstance. Selby recently reprised the role of Quentin Collins for a new series of Dark Shadows audio dramas from Big Finish Productions.

Where Are They Now: Selby appeared in a trio of episodes of the FX Original Series, Legion. He completed a feature entitled, Smartass. Currently, Selby is filming Back Fork, co-starring A.J Cook and Josh Stewart.

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