Elke Sommer (Actress) as Maria - A Shot in the Dark
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Updated: 5/21/2006

Name: Elke Sommer

Birth Name: Elke Schletz

Born: November 5, 1940, Berlin, Germany

Claim To Fame: Elke has starred in over seventy feature films and many of television's most successful mini-series. But probably the role most people remember her for is in the movie, A Shot In The Dark.

Family Life: Wolf Walther (August 1993 - present)
Joe Hyams (1964 - 1981) (divorced)

Info: Elke is also known as a fierce competitor and has competed in many celebrity tennis tournaments and is a tournament winning golf player.

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Trivia: In the 1960s, while living in Beverly Hills, she and her then-husband Joe Hyams believed their house to be haunted.

Performed as a singer and released some records.

Currently splits her time living in both Los Angeles and Germany.

Beat Ursula Andress and Tippi Hedren at the 1964 Golden Globes for Most Promising Female Newcomer.

Is an accomplished painter... influenced by Marc Chagall.

Elke's art has been presented in 39 one-woman shows and she hosted the 13 part series "Painting with Elke" on PBS.

A prize winning race car driver she was the of the nationally
syndicated television show, "The World Of Speed And Beauty."

Is fluent in five languages.

Raises cymbidiums and roses in the lush gardens of her two acre estate in Bel Air.

Won a $1.25 million libel lawsuit against Zsa Zsa Gabor in December 1993, forcing Gabor to declare bankruptcy.

Where Are They Now: Continues to act in plays around the world and paint. Still out there golfing too. In April of 2006 she competed in the Alice Cooper Celebrity Golf Tournament.

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