Erin Moran (Actress) as Joanie - Happy Days
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Updated: 6/10/2007

Name: Erin Moran

Born: October 18, 1960 in Burbank, California

Claim To Fame: Let's face it we all know Erin and she will always be known for the role of Joanie Cunningham on 'Happy Days' and its spinoff 'Joanie Loves Chachi.'

Family Life: Steven Fleischmann (November 1993 - present)
Rocky Ferguson (1987 - 1993) (divorced)

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Info: Erin's first recurring TV role was not 'Happy Days' but as Jenny Jones in the television series 'Daktari' which ran from 1966 to 1969. In 1968, she made her feature-film debut in 'How Sweet It Is?' with Debbie Reynolds.

Trivia: Erin was not the first actress to play Joanie on 'Happy Days'... Susan Neher played Joanie for one episode before Erin Moran got the part.

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Where Are They Now: After the show Erin found things to be difficult. She became estranged from her co-stars and many said she exhibited bizarre behavior.

A few negative articles in "The National Enquirer" led to an appearance on a 1992 episode of the "Howard Stern Show," on which she revealed some secrets about an unhappy childhood. She has since come to terms with her past, and became a born again Christian.

She would love to return to acting and is always looking for the right role. She is currently living in California with her husband Steven.

Wrote the children's book 'Colorful Spring' which is an illustrated children's picture book.

In May of 2007 she appeared with Marion Ross (her TV mother) at the christening of Princess Cruises newest ship the Emerald Princess.

Will probably mentioned a few times in the new reality show on VH-1 that is on Scott Baio called, 'Scott Baio Is 45... and Single.'

Is appearing in various fan conventions around the country.On August 31, 2007 she will be appearing at the Dragon-Con show in Atlanta, Georgia.

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