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Updated: 1/9/2006

Name: Fred Savage

Birth Name: Fredrick Aaron Savage

Born: July 9, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois

Claim To Fame: Well I think this is obvious, but just in case you are not familiar with Fred... he is best known for his role as Kevin Arnold, everyone's favorite teenager from 'The Wonder Years.'

Family Life: Wife Jennifer Stone (August 2004 - present).
His brother is Ben Savage who also starred in an ABC show 'Boy Meets World.' Ironically Ben got this role as Fred lost his because 'The Wonder Years' was canceled.

Info: Fred began acting at age four in the movie 'Dinosaur' and then at age nine won a role in the movie 'The Boy Who Could Fly.' At the age of twelve, he was cast the lead role in 'The Wonder Years.'

On the ending of Wonder Years: There have been many reports that the cast was unhappy with how the show ended. Fred has this to say, "We would have liked to continue one more year and see Kevin, Winnie and Paul graduate high school, a more natural end."

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Trivia: He appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care."

Took a year off from Stanford University to appear in the TV show "Working".

At twelve, he became the youngest person ever to be nominated for an Emmy as best leading performer.

Graduated from Stanford University in 1999 with a degree in English.

Directed an episode of "Boy Meets World", his brother Ben's show, in 1998.

Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

He first met his wife, Jennifer Stone, where they were neighbors as children.

Fred was reunited with his fellow "The Wonder Years" cast member Jason Hervey, who played his older brother Wayne when they did a guest spot on the animated series "Justice League" in the episode "Hawk & Dove." They played bickering brothers who were also super-heroes. It was originally intended that Jason would voice the older, more aggressive brother (Hank Hall/Hawk) while Fred voiced the younger, more docile brother (Don Hall/Dove) as they had done on "The Wonder Years" (1988), but during the voice-recording session, they switched roles unexpectedly, so Fred voiced the older brother while Jason voiced the younger brother.

His scene as a confused bellboy in 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' was left on the cutting room floor and he never appeared in the finished film.

Proposed to his wife with a 5-carat sapphire ring.

Jason Hervey (brother Wayne) bought him his first legal beer
on his 21st birthday.

Where Are They Now: You can see Fred Thursday's on ABC in the new TV series 'Crumbs.' He co-stars with Jane Curtain and William Devane.
> I have to admit I was surprised how many people did not know that Fred has appeared in quite a bit of things since 'The Wonder Years. 'Like in films 'Welcome to Mooseport' and 'Austin Powers: Goldmember.'

He did take time off to attend and graduate college, so maybe that is where people lost touch with him.

What I didn't know is that Fred has directed a number of TV shows (see below).

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