Gary Sandy (Actor) as Andy - WKRP in Cincinnati
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Updated: 9/30/2007

Name: Gary Sandy

Born: December 25, 1945 in Dayton, Ohio

Claim To Fame: Best known for his TV character Andy Travis... the radio program director of "WKRP in Cincinnati"

Family Life: Could not find any evidence that he has been or is married. I did read an interview from the 70's where he said he wouldn't get married until he could make sure he would be faithful.

Info: Made his professional debut in 1970 with a soap opera part written especially for him. Following his short stint on "As The World Turns," he visited a number of soap sets during a seven-year period as assorted, often menacing characters. He was in "Another World," "Somerset" and "The Secret Storm."

Trivia: Before he got his break he enrolled at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he studied under actor, William Devane, 'Knots Landing'.

Is a singer too.

In the late 1990s, he starred as Billy Flynn in Long Beach Civic Light Opera's production of "Chicago" at the Terrace Theater, Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center.

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Where Are They Now: Despite a slimness of offers, Gary maintained for a time as a TV guest star, then reverted back to his first love... the theater. Musical roles have since ranged from the slick and preening (The Pirate King in Broadway's "The Pirates of Penzance" and Billy Flynn in "Chicago") to playing the down-home charmer (Harold Hill in "The Music Man" and Will Rogers in "Will Rogers Follies"). During this time Gary also appeared in a few musical misfires based on critically successful plays. "Sheba", the musical adaptation of Come Back, Little Sheba, and "Windy City" based on The Front Page, went nowhere. In 2004, he even opened in a Texas musical version of Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor.

He continues to tour with various stage shows, mostly musicals.

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