Gil Gerard (Actor) as Buck Rogers - Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Updated: 6/18/2006

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Name: Gil Gerard

Birth Name: Gilbert Vincent Gerard

Born: January 23, 1943, Little Rock, Arkansas

Claim To Fame: When Gil's name is mentioned I instantly think of 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.' While he appeared in a number of movies and TV roles, I believe this is the role he is most identified for.

Family Life: Connie Sellecca (1979 - 1987) (divorced)
child son, Gib.

Bobi Leonard (1988 - 1989) (divorced)

Info: Studied drama in New York by day and drove a cab at night. Gerard picked up a fare who showed a lively interest in the problems of unknown, unemployed actors. Before he left the cab, he told Gil to report in a few days to the set of Love Story, which was being filmed on location in New York. When Gerard arrived on the Love Story set, he was hired as an extra. Later that day, he was singled out for a "bit" role, which eventually wound up on the cutting room floor.

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Trivia: Gil attended the University of Arkansas but dropped out before graduation. He landed a job as an industrial chemist. He became regional manager of a large chemical company headed by governor Wynn Rockefeller in a few years. His employers said they would name him the firm's vice president if he went for his master's degree so he quit rather than tell everyone that he didn't have a college diploma.

Appeared in over 300 TV commercials early on in his career.

Started his television career in the soap opera 'The Doctors' 1973-1976.

Where Are They Now: Started his own company Prudhomme Productions. He now enjoys directing and producing more than being in front of the camera.

Appears all over the world at various Sci-Fi conventions.

He is also active in charity work. He supports the Special Olympics, working with Los Angeles Mission (an organization that helps the homeless), and takes part in the Hack-N-Smack celebrity golf tournemant that supports melanoma research.

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