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Updated: 10/16/14

Name: Isabelle Adjani

Born: June 27, 1955, Paris, France

Claim To Fame: Known for her film role in Possession

Family Life: She had a son, Barnabe Nuytten in 1979 with cinematographer Bruno Nuytten. She dated Warren Beatty from 1986-87. From 1989 to 1995, she had a relationship with Daniel Day Lewis, who left before the birth of their son, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, in 1995. Adjani was later engaged to the composer Jean Michel Jarre; they broke up in 2004.

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Info: Adjani won a school recitation contest at the age of 12 in amateur theater, and starred in her first motion picture (Le Petit bougnat) at the age of 14. She joined the Comedie francaise in 1972, and won praise for her interpretation of Agnes, the main female role in Moli?re's L'?cole des femmes.

Her first major film role came in 1975, when she landed a part in Francois Truffaut's The Story of Ad?le H. Adjani was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar and quickly received offers for roles in Hollywood films, such as Walter Hill's 1978 crime thriller The Driver.

In 1981, Adjani received a double Cannes Film Festival's best actress award for her roles in the Merchant Ivory film Quartet, based on the novel by Jean Rhys, and in the horror film Possession (1981).

The following year, she received her first C?sar Award (national film award of France) for Possession, in which she had portrayed a woman having a nervous breakdown. In 1983, she won her second C?sar for her depiction of a vengeful woman in the French blockbuster One Deadly Summer.

In 1988, she received her third Cesar and second Oscar nomination for her role in a biopic of the sculptor Camille Claudel. She was also the co-producer of this film.

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Trivia: Grew up bilingual, speaking French and German fluently.

Criticized statements by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009 claiming that condoms are not an effective method of AIDS prevention.

Was named "The Most Beautiful Woman in Film" by the Los Angeles Times magazine in 2011.

Recorded a million-selling album in 1983 with the hit single "Pull Marine" written by Serge Gainsbourg.

Born in the 17th district of Paris to an Algerian father and German mother.

Brother is photographer Eric Adjani.

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Where Are They Now: In 2009, she received her fifth Cesar for Skirt Day, making her the actress who has received the most award of this kind.

She was made a Chevalier de la L?gion d'honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour) on 14 July 2010 for her artistic contributions.

Adjani has appearances in recent French films, including David et Madame Hansen (2012), Ishkq in Paris (2013) and Sous les jupes des filles (2014).

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