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Updated: 9/11/14

Name: Jane Sibbett

Born: November 28, 1962, Berkeley, California

Claim To Fame: She is best known for playing Heddy Newman on the Fox television series Herman's Head, and Ross Geller's first ex-wife, Carol Willick, on the NBC sitcom Friends.

Family Life: In 1992, Sibbett married Karl Fink, a TV writer and producer who worked on the first two seasons of Herman's Head. They have three children - two girls named Ruby Fink (b. June 9th 1992) and Violet Fink and a boy named Kai Fink.

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Info: Sibbett's acting career began on the NBC soap opera Santa Barbara in 1986-87 as Jane Wilson. She was nominated for a Best Newcomer Soap Opera Digest Award for this role.

In 1989, she played Laurie Parr on the CBS comedy The Famous Teddy Z, alongside Jon Cryer and Alex Rocco. Unfortunately the show only lasted one season.

She found success in 1991 with her next role as bombshell Heddy Newman on the Fox sitcom Herman's Head, which gained a cult following and lasted three seasons. In 1994, she won her next big part, that of Ross Geller's first ex-wife, Carol Willick on Friends, which was an occasional role that lasted until the end of the show's seventh season in 2001.

Sibbett has had regular roles on a number of television series, including If Not For You (1995), and The WB's Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher (1997-98). She has appeared on several other shows, including 21 Jump Street and The Nanny.

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Trivia: Member of Pi Beta Phi sorority while at UCLA.

Her first prime-time on-screen kiss was with 2009's Sexiest Man Alive, Johnny Depp.

Is a lifelong cowgirl and currently owns six horses.

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Where Are They Now: Sibbett currently owns a studio with her husband Karl Fink, called Wild Aloha Studios. The company co-produced four documentaries on Braco, a Croatian healer, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The latest documentary, Evolution, was released on August 30, 2013.

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