Jaye Davidson (Actor) as Dil - The Crying Game
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Updated: 12/23/16

Name: Jaye Davidson

Birth Name: Alfred Amey

Born: March 21, 1968, Riverside, California

Claim To Fame: He is best known for his role as transgender woman "Dil" in the 1992 suspense-drama thriller film The Crying Game.

Family Life: Sorry, no info found.

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Info: Davidson left school when he was 16 and began doing odd jobs to support himself. He was working as a fashion designer when he was cast as Dil in The Crying Game, after being discovered by a casting associate at a wrap party. He went back to fashion after The Crying Game, appearing only in Stargate in the role of evil sun god Ra.

Trivia: His family moved to the United Kingdom when he was two years old, where Davidson grew up in Hertfordshire, England.

Earned an Academy Award nomination for his role in The Crying Game.

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Where Are They Now: Davidson never really kept up much of an acting career, instead returning to his first passion: fashion. He has done some fashion shoots for big names like Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue; Michael Roberts for Joseph; and a GAP ad by Annie Leibowitz.

Stephen Woolley, the producer of The Crying Game, said that Davidson currently resides in Paris and reportedly "was really happy".

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