Jenna Von Oy (Actress) as Six - Blossom
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Updated: 9/7/2007

Name: Jenna Von Oy

Born: May 2, 1977 in Stamford, Connecticut

Claim To Fame: Most people know Jenna from her role on NBC's 'Blossom', where she portrayed Blossom's fast-talking best friend, "Six Le Meure".

This was the first of two long-running hit shows that Jenna starred in. The second, UPN's 'The Parkers', finished filming in 2004 after it's five year run. Jenna played the quirky and sarcastic "Stevie Van Lowe".

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Info: Jenna von Oy began her professional acting career at the age of six, when she landed her first big break in a Jell-O Pudding Pop commercial with Bill Cosby.

Trivia: Good friends with Melissa Joan Hart.

Is a country music singer and songwriter.

Speaks French.

Posed in a seductive Maxim Magazine spread in 2004

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Where Are They Now: After 'Blossom' Jenna remained very busy with acting roles. She landed a co-starring role in another long-running sitcom, 'The Parkers.'

Voice-over work is another way Jenna stayed busy. You just may have heard her in the Disney animated series 'Pepper Ann' as the title character's nemesis, "Trinket Malloy". She has also lent her voice to the Disney feature 'The Goofy Movie', and such animated shows as 'Family Guy' and 'Hercules'.

Last year she lent her for to the film 'Dr. Dolittle 3'.

Her most acting gigs in front of the camera were on 'Cold Case', and in an ABC pilot as Brenda Blethyn's daughter.

Right now Jenna is concentrating on the release of her very first CD, "Breathing Room". Barring any unforeseen holdups, the album is due out on September 18, 2007.

She spent a great deal of time in Nashville, writing and recording this album.

Her other passions include painting, traveling, cooking and photography, the latter of which has appeared in several publications.

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