Jimmy Baio (Actor) as Billy Tate - Soap
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Updated: 12/17/2006

Name: Jimmy Baio

Birth Name: James Joseph Baio

Born: March 15, 1962 in Brooklyn, New York

Claim To Fame: For me, I will always remember Jimmy for two roles. His first one in 'The Bad News Bears' and as Billy Tate on 'Soap'.

Family Life: Cousin of actor Scott Baio.

Brother of actor Joey Baio.

Info: No info available.

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Trivia: His role as Carmen Ronzonni in 'The Bad News Bears' has been said is a cross between, Joe Pesci, AJ Soprano and Fred Savage.

At one time it was Jimmy Baio who was the Baio with the hottest career and who all the girls swooned over.

Where Are They Now: Unfortunately I could find no information on Jimmy for over 10 years. He did have a minor role, if you blinked you might've missed it, in the movie 'The Mirror Has Two Faces.' That was in 1996.

After 'SOAP' Jimmy made numerous guest-appearances in TV series like 'Matlock' and 'Fantasy Island' before drifting into obscurity.

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