Joe Penny (Actor) as Jake - Jake and the Fatman
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Updated: 3/25/2007

Name: Joe Penny

Born: June 24, 1956 in London, England

Claim To Fame: For me when I hear Joe Penny, I think of 'Jake and the Fatman.' I never saw the show, but I do remember that Joe was in the series.

Info: In the 1980s, Joe Penny starred on three weekly series: he played trigger-happy Bugsy Siegel in 'The Gangster Chronicles' (1981), private eye Nick Ryder in 'Riptide' (1984-86) and undercover investigator Jake Styles in 'Jake and the Fatman' (1987-92).

Trivia: Born in England to an American father and an Italian mother, but raised in Georgia.

Played football during high school in Huntington Beach, California. Odd jobs before acting including washing postal trucks, crew foreman, and dishwasher.

Dark, hunky 'tough guy' actor who studied under Lee Strasberg and went on to play heroes and mobsters in mini-movies in the 80s. Best known for his series work with William Conrad in "Jake and the Fatman."

First job was a small part in the pilot of "Nancy Drew" TV series.

Suffered from seasickness while filming the "Riptide" TV series.

He' s practicing Nichiren Shoshu, subsidiary of Buddhism.

In the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s he founded the music band 'Stray Dogs'. Their CD 'This Years Blonde' wasn't successful in his country, but there were some sale in Europe.

Joe loves to cook. For a recipe of his Lasagna, Click Here

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Where Are They Now: Joe is still busy acting. In fact this week he can be seen on The Sci-Fi Channel in the movie, 'Reign of the Gargoyles.' He also can be seen in the recurring role of Frank Darnell in the USA channel's TV series, 'Jane Doe.'

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