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Updated: 9/11/2005

Name: Joyce DeWitt

Born: April 23, 1949 in Wheeling, West Virginia

Claim To Fame: If you know who Joyce DeWitt is then you most certainly associate her with that of the role of Janet Wood on the TV show 'Three's Company.'

On the show she, Suzanne Sommers and John Ritter shot to fame and help make it one of the most popular shows on TV.

It still remains popular in reruns on Nick at Nite.

Family Life: Family Life: She dated actor Ray Buktenica and even lived with him for seven years. After the two broke up, she began dating her agent/manager Stuart Ehrlich. Sometime after their failed relationship, she dated 'Roots' star LeVar Burton. The interracial relationship was not accepted by Joyce's parents and due to the strain, it only lasted six months.

Info: Even though Joyce was born in Wheeling, West Virginia but grew up in Indiana.

ABC offered her a choice of two comedy pilots but gave her only 24 hours to decide on which. After reading both scripts in a hurry, she chose the one about one guy living with two girls "Three's Company". She chose well, the other show never sold.

Trivia: Her nickname is Joycey

Auditioned as Fonzie's girlfriend on "Happy Days" before "Three's Company."

In the original pilot pitch for "Three's Company", the part of the brunette roommate went to actress Valerie Curtin and the character's name was Jenny. Jenny was like Janet except more sarcastic and much more sex-starved. Jenny was funny but it was Joyce DeWitt who perfected the role in the series second pilot pitch.

Is a part of the LIFE (Love Is Feeding Everyone) organization where she, and other famous actors, are helping fight world hunger and homelessness.

She played herself on a Canadian sitcom called "Twitch City." in an episode called 'I Look Like Joyce DeWitt.'

She has not spoken to Suzanne Somers since Suzanne's final
appearance on "Three's Company", except for writing her a  note around the time of John Ritter's death.

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Where Are They Now: After "Three's Company" ended, she traveled the world before settling in New Mexico (as well as splitting time in California).

Also after the show starred in numerous theatrical productions including the American rock musical, Leader of the Pack, the Australian comedy, Daylight Saving, the British farce Noises Off, the revival of Cole Porter's Anything Goes, and the Broadway musical Olympus on My Mind. For the latter, she participated in the cast recording and made her first record album.

In 2003 she tried returning to acting but didn't get many roles.

Most recently you may have seen her in a 'Desperate Housewives' spoof where she played Susan Mayer the role Teri Hatcher plays.

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