Judy Norton Taylor (Actress) as Mary Ellen - The Waltons
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Updated: 5/6/10

Name: Judy Norton Taylor

Born: January 29, 1958, Santa Monica, California

Claim To Fame: She is best known for her role as Mary Ellen Walton Willard Jones on the Waltons which aired in the 1970's and early 80's.

Family Life: She is married to Randy Apostle.

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Info: As a young actress, Norton-Taylor endeared herself to audiences as the teenaged Mary Ellen on the hit television sitcom The Waltons. When the show its run in 1981, Norton-Taylor found it difficult to shed her childlike image, so in 1985, she posed naked in the August issue of Playboy.

She continued her acting career with a number of Walton TV movie reunions, as well as appearances on shows like Millennium, The Inspectors, Stargate - SG1, Ed, Cold Squad, Mentors, and Beggars and Choosers.

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Trivia: Founded a film festival as part of the annual St. Hill International Arts Festival.

Was the co-artistic director for two theatres in Canada, where she collaborated as a writer and director on more than 40 shows.

Has won ribbons in horse jumping, participated in numerous celebrity tennis, ski, and rodeo events, and been part of two world records in sky diving.

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Where Are They Now: She remains very active in show business as an actress, singer, writer, and director. She has appeared on stage in several productions, including Annie Get Your Gun, Sound of Music, Hello Dolly, Ranchers & Rustlers, Weekend Comedy, Blood Brothers, Volstead Blues, Move Over Mrs. Markham, Social Security, and Cinderella.

She has served as a writer and director for several theaters, most recently at The Met Theatre in Hollywood to direct the hit musical Cabaret.

As a singer she has headlined her own show, Judy Norton & Friends, and has performed in several other concerts and benefit shows.

She is currently developing the original musical ATARIA.

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Official Website: http://www.judynorton.com/


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