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Updated: 12/18/2005

Name: Kelly McGillis

Born: July 9, 1957 in Newport Beach, California

Claim To Fame: I have to believe that there are two film that come to most people's mind when they think of what Kelly starred in... 'Witness' and 'Top Gun.'

Family Life: Fred Tillman (1989 - 2002) (divorced) 2 daughters:
Kelsey and Sonora.

Boyd Black (1979 - 1981) (divorced)

Info: Here's what Leonard Maltin has to say about Kelly:

Based on her first two movie roles, the beautiful McGillis should have scaled heights she failed to reach, and her career to date seems to fall into the category of "promise unfulfilled."

She first appeared on-screen as Tom Conti's love interest in Reuben, Reuben (1983), a critical if not commercial success. Based on her work in that film, Australian director Peter Weir cast her as a young Amish widow in Witness (1985), and she brought quiet charm to a well written part. Costarring with Harrison Ford made McGillis a top Hollywood prospect, and she landed the coveted part of flyboy Tom Cruise's leading lady in the jet opera Top Gun (1986), a box-office blockbuster but an artistic pariah.

Since then, McGillis' output has been uneven: Her angelic role in Made in Heaven (1987) and her damsel-in-distress turn in The House on Carroll Street (1988) certainly didn't advance her career. A meaty role, as the prosecutor of Jodie Foster's rapists in The Accused (1988), didn't help, either; Foster got most of the best notices-and an Academy Award. Winter People (1989) was barely seen and Cat Chaser (1990) went direct to video. Then The Babe (1992) flopped at the box office, though McGillis' warm performance as the second Mrs. Babe Ruth scored her some long-overdue points.

Trivia: Owner of restaurant "Kelly's" in Key West, Florida.

Kelly was sexually assaulted by two men who broke into her apartment in 1982. It was because of this horrific experience that she wanted to play the role of Kathryn Murphy, the district attorney in the film, The Accused (1988).

Trained at Julliard

Says she was a lonely, overweight adolescent who found an escape from her misery through acting.

For her role in 'Witness' Kelly spent considerable time with an Amish family to prepare for her next important film role as a young Amish widow in 1985's Witness; the family wasn't happy in retrospect, claiming that she misrepresented her interest in their lifestyle.

Four days after she gave birth to her second daughter, her then husband was arrested for offering a female police officer 20 dollars to perform a sexual act.

She is 5' 10"

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Where Are They Now: Kelly definitely took some time off from the Hollywood scene to be a wife and mother.

What you may not know is that even though she wasn't in front of the cameras she did still stay busy doing some voices in cartoons, like The Wild Thornberry's and Buzz Lightyear.

Kelly will be in a made for TV movie called. 'Black Widower.' It was filmed in Canada and should be airing in 2006.

Recently she has performed on stage to great reviews as Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate."

She played the role both on Broadway and with the national touring company.

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