Kim Darby (Actress) as Mattie - True Grit
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Updated: 04/09/2006

Name: Kim Darby

Birth Name: Deborah Zerby

Born: July 8, 1947 in Los Angeles, California

Claim To Fame: She is probably best remembered as the stubborn, spunky frontier girl who hired boozy marshal John Wayne to track down her father's killers in 'True Grit.'

Family Life: Fulton, Rad (February 1970 - March 1970) (divorced) James Stacy (1968 - 1969) (divorced) 1 child

Info: Kim had her pick of excellent roles, some specially written for her, as a young woman with extreme sensitivity and if not slightly quirky, certainly a person who differed from her peers.

Trivia: Parents were Jon and Inga Zerby, a dance team that toured nationally as the Dancing Zerbys, primarily playing hotels in Miami and Las Vegas.

Kim sang and danced professionally at an early age.

One of her most well known guest appearances is on 'Star Trek.' She was in season one and played a character named Miri.

Was voted the Quietest Girl in her high school.

Changed her name when she was a teenager. She did it by changing the spelling of Derby to Darby, and changing her given name of Deborah to Kim, because that was the name of the prettiest girl in her high school.

Was romantically involved with actors John David Carson and Pete Duel.

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Where Are They Now: In 1988, she began teaching classes at UCLA Extension, and shortly thereafter in her own school as well.

She is still teaching and continues to act. Most recently in the film Cold Ones in 2007.

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