Kirk Cameron (Actor) as Mike Seaver - Growing Pains
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Updated: 07/31/2005

Name: Kirk Cameron

Born: October 12, 1970 in Panorama City, California

Claim To Fame: There's no doubt that Kirk got fame at a young age playing the wise-cracking Mike Seaver on the ABC sitcom, 'Growing Pains.'

Family Life: Chelsea Noble July 1991 - present. They have 6 children (4 adopted and 2 not)

Brother of actress Candace Cameron (from 'Full House')

Info: Kirk was a huge star during the run of his sitcom. He made a few movies that didn't do as well as people had thought they would. This kind of hurt his career and he found that roles were not being offered to him.
He came back to the small screen in a new sitcom 'Kirk' that was cancelled after the first season.

Trivia: Used to be neighbors with Adam Rich, of "Eight Is Enough" fame.

Kirk is a vegetarian.

Parents named him after Captain James Tiberius Kirk of the original "Star Trek" (1966) series (played by William Shatner).

Met his wife, Chelsea Noble, on the set of "Growing Pains" (1985).

Began appearing in TV commercials at age 9.

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Where Are They Now: Kirk became a born again Christian when he was 20 and he spends most of his time with his family in their Santa Monica home.

Currently, he partners with evangelist Ray Comfort in spreading the Gospel of Jesus to people in America. They have a ministry together called The Way of the Master (Website Here); a video series where they walk the street sharing the Gospel of Christ with ordinary
civilians. They do this as an instructional tape to show Christians how to effectively share their faith, "The way Jesus did." Hence the title of their program, "The Way of the Master."

He has starred in the direct-to-video series "Left Behind" which is based on the popular books.

He also keeps busy with his wife running a summer camp, Camp Firefly, which they founded in 1989 for terminally ill kids and their families in Calaway Gardens, Georgia.

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