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Updated: 8/15/12

Name: Lance Kerwin

Born: November 6, 1960 in Newport Beach, California

Claim To Fame: Anybody who grew up during the 70?s would have had to be living in a cave not to remember Lance Kerwin. He was a very popular and was the star of the classic 'James At 15', 'Salem?s Lot' and numerous 'After School Specials'

Family Life: Yvonne (1998 - present) 2 children
Kristen Lansdale (? - ?) (divorced) 1 child
Three daughters Savannah, Trinity, and Terah.

Info: Kerwin was raised in Elsinore, California. His father was an acting coach, and his mother was a performer. His father used to bring him home scripts for his son to read.

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Trivia: Was the highest paid kid in TV during the 70's.

Dated Rosanna Arquette.

Arrested for possession of crack cocaine in San Francisco, in 1989. Turned out to be baking soda and the charges were dropped.

By his own account, Lance smoked marijuana at age 6 and was a heavy user by age 9. He says, "I went through rehab maybe 12 times."

Where Are They Now: In 1990, Lance moved to Hawaii, found a soul mate in Kristen Lansdale, and worked on sobriety. He wasn't very successful. He took bit parts and walk-on roles as his drug use escalated out-of-control and career completely bottomed out.

In 1994, Lance and Kristen gave birth to a baby girl named, Savannah. It was inspiration enough to reclaim his life and career. He and Kristen split, and Lance moved to a Bible Ranch in Perris, California. During the week, he occupies a studio apartment on the group's complex with daughter, Savannah.

His last movie role was in 1995s, "Outbreak."

Since 2006, Lance has served as an assistant pastor with Calvary Chapel Romoland/U-Turn 4 Christ, a non-profit Christian rehabilitation, restoration, and discipleship program located in southern California, helping men and women overcome similar addictions to those he developed as a young actor.

Word is he e still gets notices for acting work, but turns them down.

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Temecula, CA 92593

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