Lee Horsley (Actor) as Matlock - Matt Houston
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Updated: 6/19/2005

Name: Lee Horsley

Born: May 15 1955 in Muleshoe, Texas

Claim To Fame: Rugged and handsome Lee is probably is most noted for his roles in the TV series' "Matt Houston" "Dynasty."

Family Life: He's been married to homemaker wife Stephanie since 1980 and has two children...
Daughter, Amber, born 1981.
Son, Logan, born 1983.

Info: Had a musical theater background prior coming to Hollywood and TV in the late 70s. He toured in such shows as West Side Story and Oklahoma

Trivia: Lee is an expert horseman and outdoorsman and has participated in rodeo events over the years.

He had an accident in which a horse fell over him, breaking some of his ribs and puncturing his spleen.

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Where Are They Now: He doesn't do much acting anymore, mostly because roles aren't being offered to him.

But "on a lark," Lee began writing western novels. He says, "I've got about five of them that are in very different shapes of completion... "It's just the kind of stuff that I grew up with. I used to love watching the guy in the end ride up to the hilltop, rear his horse and tip his hat and ride off. "

He loves the outdoors and hosts a hunting series on the Outdoor Life Network. It's called "Benelli's Dream Hunts."

He's also featured in a book called "Celebrity Fish Tales."

He also does a lot of voiceover work.

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Lee Horsley
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