Lee Majors (Actor) as Steve Austin - The Six Million Dollar Man
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Updated: 03/20/2005

Name: Lee Majors

Birth Name: Harvey Lee Yeary

Born: April 23, 1939, Wyandotte, Michigan

Claim To Fame: Lee has actually been in three successful TV shows from the 60's thru the 80's, so he has been known for a long time. But I have to believe the role that catapulted him was that of Steve Austin in 'The Six Million Dollar Man.'

Family Life: Faith Noelle ( November 2002 - present)

Karen Velez (September 1988 - October 1994) (divorced)
daughter, Nikki and twin sons, Dane and Trey

Farrah Fawcett (July 1973 - February 1982) (divorced)

Kathy Robinson (1961 - 1964) (divorced) son, Lee Majors II

Info: As mentioned above Lee has enjoyed a success that is rare in Hollywood. Three different series that have been hits in three different decades.

'The Six Million Dollar Man' continues to be a popular show in syndication around the world and there is talk of Jim Carrey playing Steve Austin in a big screen version of the hit 70's show.

Trivia: That was Lee singing the theme song to his 'Fall Guy' series. Click Here to Listen

Turned down an offer to play with the St Louis Cardinals to pursue acting career.

Turned down the Mac Davis role in 'North Dallas Forty' in favor of an independent production that never got off the ground.

Landed the role of Joe Buck in 'Midnight Cowboy' but "The Big Valley" (1965) was picked up for another year and was contractually obligated to pass on the role, which was then made famous by Jon Voight.

Starred concurrently in two TV shows at the same time. Playing Jess Brandon in "Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law" (1971) and Colonel Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man.

His cousin Johnny Majors was the 1956 Heisman Trophy runner-up at Tennessee, and became a great college football coach; from 1968-96 he coached at Iowa State, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee, winning the 1976 national championship with Pittsburgh.

Signature exclamation as Heath in The Big Valley was 'Boy Howdy.'

In 1976 Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett made TV history. They were the first husband and wife each starring in separate top rated shows.

Prior to getting his big break, Lee Majors was the limo driver for producer Jim Barnett, the man who created the TV show "World Championship Wrestling."

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Where Are They Now: Lee did move to Florida to raise his kids.
He wanted to get them away from the Hollywood lifestyle. But he did remain active in acting in many straight to video titles.

An extremely busy actor he has even lent his voice to some Video Games like, Grand Theft Auto (Vice City)

He is back in Los Angeles and has a TV movie that is currently in post production ('Strike the Tent')

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