Lynn-Holly Johnson (Actress) as Alexis - Ice Castles
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Updated: 11/27/2005

Name: Lynn-Holly Johnson

Born: December 13, 1958 in Chicago, Illinois

Claim To Fame: For me when I hear her name, I instantly think of the movie 'Ice Castles.' Boy do I love that movie and who can forget the scene with the roses?

Family Life: Kelly Givens (1993 - present) two children

Info: Lynn-Holly was a professional ice skater (in the Ice Capades) when Hollywood came knocking. She used her skating skills in a couple of roles.

Trivia: She refused to do a nude scene in 'Ice Castles.'  The producers kept trying to write a nude scene in the movie for her, but she walked off the set and halted production for a day rather than appear nude. Lynn-Holly admitted in an interview that it tickles her that after all these years, people come up to her and tell her how great a family movie this is, and she thinks, "you have no idea!"

Professional ice skater

2nd place at the 1974 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Novice level.

Gave up amateur competitive skating in 1977 to join the Ice Capades.

Has gone by the name Lynn Holly Givens since her marriage to Kelly J. Givens in 1993.

The low point in her acting career was probably her 1984 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress in 'Where The Boys Are '84.'

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Where Are They Now: With few roles being offered to her, Lynn-Holly decided to give up acting in 2000 to be a full-time wife and mother. Lives in Newport Beach, California

She has appeared a few James Bond conventions and it's amazing... she looks he same!

If you watch HGTV, you may have caught her and her husband, who is an architect, showing off their 2500 square foot home.

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