Michael Schoeffling (Actor) as Jake - Sixteen Candles
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Updated: 9/24/2005

Name: Michael Schoeffling

Born: December 10, 1960 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

Claim To Fame: I think we all, at least us girls, remember Michael from his role as the dreamy Jake Ryan in 'Sixteen Candles.' While he made other movies, this is the role that he is most remembered by.

Family Life: Valerie (? - present) 2 children (boy and a girl)

Info: I will say of all the people we've featured in the past couple years of Where Are They Now, Michael has been the hardest to find out about.

He guards his privacy and has totally dropped out of the Hollywood scene.

To give you an idea of the difficulties I've had, in 2002 GQ tried to do a story on him and couldn't find him... they gave up.

Trivia: A GQ fashion model (photography by now-famous Bruce Weber) in the mid-eighties prior to and during his film career

Born in Pennysylvania but he grew up in Southern New Jersey.

Was a member of the US Jr. Wrestling Team. Won a gold medal at the European Championships in Germany.

Studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute.

Graduated from Cherokee High School in New Jersey. Majored in liberal arts at Temple University and continued his wrestling which he started in his youth.

Where Are They Now: By all accounts I have seen, Michael all but gave up acting... mostly because no lucrative roles were being offered. Which I still can't fathom.

But he has landed on his feet and is living in northeastern Pennsylvania (I've heard it's either Wilkes-Barre or Greentown) where he has a business building and selling hand-crafted furniture.

There have been rumors that there is a movie, '32 Candles' in the works by the USA Network. It's basically 'Sixteen Candles' down the road. Anthony Michael Hall has reportedly said he would appear.

Would Michael appear? I would doubt it. His character wasn't even in the proposed script. But that doesn't mean he couldn't appear in a cameo. Then again, Michael does like his privacy. 

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