Michael Weiss (Actor) as Jarod - The Pretender
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Updated: 12/20/12

Name: Michael Terry Weiss

Born: February 2, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois

Claim To Fame: Most people know Michael from the NBC TV Series, 'The Pretender.' He played Jarod. While legions of 'Days of Our Lives' fans know him as Dr. Mike Horton.

Family Life: Sister is a make-upartist, Jamie Sue Weiss.

Info: A native of Chicago, Michael began acting as a child, appearing in local TV commercials. While in high school, he studied acting at the Second City workshop, and after graduation, he enrolled in USC's prestigious school of drama. Shortly after receiving his B.F.A. there in 1984, Weiss landed the role of Dr. Mike Horton on NBC's venerable daytime drama "Days of Our Lives."

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Trivia: He worked as a personal trainer, with many of his clients being fellow actors.

Says his home is chemical free. He uses only minimum electricity and drives a Toyota Prius, an electric-gas hybrid vehicle.

He can accurately name each of the United States in alphabetical order (without a break to stop and think about it),

He can change his voice pattern to reflect certain accents or dialects, which has helped him to get a lot of Voice Over work.

He can wiggle his ears

Is a certified scuba diver

His favorite pig out food is ice cream. He says, "I want to work at Ben & Jerry's."

He likes to work on stage.

He sits on the board of directors for the Earth Communications Office.

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Where Are They Now: Most recently, Weiss appeared in A Perfect Future, Off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theatre. The production was directed by Tony Award nominee, Wilson Milam.

Weiss has appeared over the past few years on the TV series Blue Bloods, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Burn Notice, and Young Justice.

He provided the voice of Dormammu in the video game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

In addition to acting, Weiss is a mixed media artist and a playwright. He resides in Southern California and New York.

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