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Updated: 1/15/15

Name: Murray Langston

Born: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nickname: The Unknown Comic

Claim To Fame: Murray had been a comic for a long time and had appeared in countless shows like "Laugh-In" and "Sonny & Cher". But it wasn't until he put a bag over his head, donned a plaid jacket with white buck shoes to become the Unknown Comic that his career took off and resulted in a huge cult following.

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Family Life: Is twice divorced. His elder daughter, Myah Marie, is a singer-songwriter who wrote and published more than 50 songs by the age of 19. His younger daughter, Mary, lives with Langston on their hillside ranch near the mountain town of Tehachapi, California.

Info: He did a lot of behind the scenes and comedy work after the Gong Show. In Las Vegas' and produced a cable show "The Unknown Comedy Hour".

He wrote a couple screenplays starring Linda Blair: "Night Patrol" and "Up Your Alley", the former also starred Yakof Smirnoff and the latter starred Ruth Buzzi.

Why The Unknown Comic?: The "Gong Show" was very popular and Murray decided to appear on it because he needed the money. However, he didn't want his friends to know how desperate he had become, so in order to keep from being recognized... he decided to place a "Paper Bag" over his head, memorized a few old jokes... and voila..."The Unknown Comic" was born.

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Trivia: A regular guest comedian on the show "Make Me Laugh" as both the Unknown Comic and Murray Langston.

Appeared on "The Dating Game" as one of the bachelors who was actually picked to date by actress Louisa Moritz in 1973.

Murray also starred in another show for the Playboy Channel, "The Sex & Violence Family Hour" with then unknown Jim Carrey.

Where Are They Now: Langston occasionally appears as a stand-up comic in Las Vegas and is writing a book of memoirs. He is active in charity work, particularly for children's advocacy causes.

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