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Updated: 10/25/2004

Name: Olivia Newton-John

Born: September 26, 1948 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK

Nickname: Livvy, The Goddess, Lovely Livvy

Claim To Fame: First made her name as a singer with a couple of country hits and soon was all over the pop charts.

She then tackled acting and her most notable and memorable role is that of Sandy in the movie "Grease" (one of my all time movies).

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Family Life: Matt Lattanzi now divorced. Married from December 1984 - 1995. One child, daughter, Chloe.

Info: She grew up in both England and Australia. In 1954 (at age 5), she moved to Australia but returned to live in England 10 years later until she was 27.

In 1975, she moved to the USA where she had already become well-established as a Pop and Country singer.

Her winning of a talent contest in Australia led her back to England and on her path as a successful singer, performer and actress.

Best known as a singer, she has over 25 Top 40 singles, more than half of which went Top 10, including five #1 hits.

Her biggest hit was "Physical" which sold over 2 million copies and spent 10 consecutive weeks at #1 on Billboard's Hot 100
(beginning November 21, 1981). What is really funny is that the song was banned by a radio station in Provo, Utah for its
"suggestive" lyrics.

On July 14, 1992, Olivia announced to the world that she had
breast cancer. She learned the results of a biopsy the day that  her father passed away. She felt the public announce- ment would stave off any wild speculations and deny the national "rag mags" the opportunity to grind the rumor mill. The revelation came just as Olivia was about to embark on a national promotional tour to tie into the recent release "Back to Basics: The Essential Collection," an ensemble of greatest hits marked to commemorate her 21 years in the business. Her tour was cancelled and she underwent a simple mastectomy at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. 

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Trivia: Olivia is touring again and has been criss- crossing the country.

She just released a new album this month (October) called Indigo. Unfortunately it has only been released in Australia.

She also recorded a duet with Barry Manilow which is on Barry's just released album.

She has been and still is dating Patrick McDermott since 1996.

Very active in speaking about and educating people on Breast Cancer. She just developed, with doctor Ernie Bodai, what is called the Liv Kit. It helps women to recognize changes in their breasts.

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Where Are They Now: Named her daughter after the perfume she was wearing when she met her husband.

Underwent surgery for breast cancer. [1992]

Grandaughter of Nobel prize winning physicist 'Max Born'.

While recording her first hit "If Not For You," Olivia's dog was in the studio with her and at one point knocked over a microphone stand. The noise is still evident in the song today (during the instrumental bridge near the end of the song).

Her ex-brother-in-law is Jeff Conaway, who co-starred with her in Grease. He played Kenickie

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