Paul Michael Glaser (Actor) as Starsky - Starsky & Hutch
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Updated: 10/22/2006

Name: Paul Michael Glaser

Birth Name: Paul Manfred Glaser

Born: March 25, 1943 in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Claim To Fame: The first time I ever heard of Paul was when he starred in 'Starsky & Hutch.' He's had many roles and now is most noted for his directing, but for most of us he will always be Detective Dave Starsky.

Family Life: Tracy Barone (November 1996 - present) 1 child, daughter Zoe. 

Elizabeth Glaser (August 1980 - December 1994 her death)
2 children (Ariel and Jake)

Info: Wife Elizabeth received HIV-tainted blood in a 1981 transfusion and unwittingly passed it on to their two children. Elizabeth became a fervent AIDS activist and spoke on AIDS at the 1992 Democratic convention. Daughter, Ariel, died at age 7 of AIDS in 1988. Son, Jake, is HIV-positive.

Trivia: Ranked in Golf Digest as one of the Top 100 Hollywood golfers. He's #71.

Wife Elizabeth is the founder of the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Was roommates with Andy Summers of rock group The Police.

Met first wife Elizabeth in June, 1975, while driving down Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. They smiled at each other, then Paul motioned for Elizabeth to pull over, where he invited her out for Chinese food. Elizabeth moved in with Paul three months later in September, 1975.

Was roommates in college with Bruce Paltrow (Gwynneth's dad).

His favorite color is blue.

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Where Are They Now: Still very much acting, although he is now known more for his directing. He starred in a new series called 'Faceless' which may or may not be picked up by Fox.

He is also slated to be the director of another new series called 'Raines.' This is to be a mid-season replacement and will star Jeff Goldblum.

Paul also writes. He has written books as well as screenplays.

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