Philip Michael Thomas (Actor) as Rico - Miami Vice
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Updated: 8/27/2006

Name: Philip Michael Thomas

Born: May 26, 1949 in Columbus, Ohio

Claim To Fame: There is but on role that we all know Philip for and that is as Detective Ricardo 'Rico' Tubbs on the hit television series Miami Vice. He played Tubbs for five years in the '80s,

Family Life: Girlfriend: Dhaima Matthews (1982-86)
Girlfriend: Kassandra Green (1986-98)
Girlfriend: Sheila DeWindt (actress)
Daughter: Monica
Daughter: Melody
Daughter: India Serene

Info: Philip also sings. He tried to parlay his TV stardom into musical success, but his mid-'80s album couldn't generate any interest on either the pop or R&B side.

He actually released an album about the same time as Don Johnson released his first album. Philip's didn't fare quite as well as Don's but, in my opinion, he's actually a better singer.

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Trivia: Says he is mistaken for Smokey Robinson a lot.

In 1983, he published a book of aphorisms, Perfect Moment of Truth Sayings.

A bank foreclosed on his house in 1998.

In 1994, Thomas signed an agreement with Florida-based Psychic Reader's Network (later known as Traffix, Inc.) to become the spokesman for the Philip Michael Thomas Psychic Connection. He appeared in television spots and claimed to have met the planet's premier psychics through his "world travels". He dressed similarly to his Miami Vice alter ego, even opening the ads with the phrase, "From Miami Vice to world advice!"

Traffix replaced Thomas as spokesman in favor of Miss Cleo. Thomas sued, alleging breach of contract, and won. In 2002, a New York arbitrator awarded Thomas $1.48 million for improper use of his name and likeness, and an additional
$780,000 in interest.

He's of Native-American, Irish, & African-American ancestry and refers to his family background as "American Gumbo."

Dated Dionne Warwick

Launched his acting career when he won an audition for the Broadway musical 'Hair.'

Where Are They Now: Since the show ended in 1989, Philip has run a theater company and appeared in bit movie roles.

He was the voice of a drug dealer in the video game Grand Theft Auto. He will be reprising his role as "Lance Vance" in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories due to hit the PSP gaming system in October 2006.

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