Phoebe Cates (Actress) as Linda - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
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Updated: 02/13/2005

Name: Phoebe Cates

Birth Name: Phoebe Belle Katz

Born: July 16, 1963 in New York, New York

Claim To Fame: Her first role was a breakout one in the film "Fast Times At Ridgemont High." She played in a few more roles before hitting another role in a high grossing movie, "Gremlins."

Family Life: Married to Kevin Kline since March of 1989 and they have two children (daughter Greta Simone, and son Owen).

Info: Phoebe has appeared in many films and also was very active in theater appearing in many productions all over the country.

Most people don't know that Phoebe sings too. In fact you can hear her sing by Clicking Here

Trivia: Daughter of producer/director Joseph Cates.

Niece of producer/director Gilbert Cates.

Godmother was author Jacqueline Susann.

Phoebe was originally going to play the role of Annie Banks in the remake of "Father of the Bride" but became pregnant so she had to drop out. The role then went to Kimberly Williams.

In the movie "Private School", Phoebe sings two of the soundtrack songs: "Just One Touch" and "How Do I Let You Know".

The punk band "Fenix TX" wrote a song about her called, "Phoebe Cates."

Before turning to acting, she worked as a teen model in the
pages of "Seventeen."

According to Izumi Matsumoto, the creator of "Kimagure Orange Road" (1987) a popular manga series (Japanese comic) and animated TV-series. Ms Cates was the inspiration behind the beautiful character Ayukawa Madoka.

Gets her exotic beauty from her Filipina mother.

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Where Are They Now: Shortly after she married Kevin Kline, Phoebe really put her career on the back burner and only appeared in select roles.

Since then she, Kevin and her kids divide their time between their country estate in upstate New York and their luxury penthouse in Manhattan's upper east side. When not supporting her husbands continuing fine stage and film work, she fills her time attending openings and benefits and her favorite activity, hosting dinner parties and 'dishing the dirt' with her celebrity friends.

Although only appearing in the occasional film, she has put her son Owen into the movies, often showing up on the set to make sure he is behaving. He appeared with her in "The Anniversary Party."

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