Priscilla Barnes (Actress) as Teri Alden - Three's Company
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Updated: 12/12/2004

Name: Priscilla Barnes

Born: December 7, 1955 in Fort Dix, New Jersey

Claim To Fame: The role of Teri Alden in "Three's Company." Most people think she replaced Suzanne Sommers, but in reality she replaced Jennilee Harrison who was hired as Cindy Snow
(Chrissy Snow, Suzanne Sommers).

Things just didn't quite click with Jennilee in the show and producers decided to have her go off to college. That paved the way for Priscilla to join the cast. She played a nurse on the show.

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Family Life: Married Ted Monte in 2003.

Info: No info available.

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Trivia: Began dancing as a pre-teen in a group of young starlets known as the Vivacious Vixens.

Met Bob Hope in 1975, who hired her to accompany him on trips to entertain troops at military bases.

Has previously held the following titles in her early starlet days: Miss San Fernando Valley, Miss San Bernadino, Miss Redlands and Miss Hollywood.

Penthouse Pet of the Month, March 1976 under the name Joanne Witty. She then sued Penthouse for re-publishing her nude photos under her real name.

Her best friend is Joyce DeWitt whom she starred with on "Three's Company" in the early 1980s. Priscilla had a hard time replacing "Chrissy" who left the show a few seasons earlier. Chrissy was played by Suzanne Somers and Suzanne demanded major pay raise and was promptly fired.

Where Are They Now: Since her success in television, she has focused her acting talents appearing in feature films and theater.

Right after the show she made her rounds to all the TV show as a guest star, including the obligatory "mystery killer" gig on Murder She Wrote.

One of Priscilla Barnes' post-Three's Company assignments was the part of Hildy Granger on the pilot episode of the syndicated sitcom She's the Sheriff....a part played in the subsequent series by none other than Suzanne Somers

Enjoys art collecting and writing plays too.

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