Ralph Macchio (Actor) as Daniel - The Karate Kid
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Updated: 7/13/2006

Name: Ralph George Macchio

Born: November 4, 1961 in Huntington, Long Island, NY

Claim To Fame: Actor who's most notable role was that of Daniel LaRusso of the Karate Kid movies.

Family Life: Phyllis Fierro (1987 - present) 2 children
Daughter, Julia, born in 1992, son, Daniel, in 1996.

Info: Graduated from Half Hollow Hills West High School (1979)

His career started back in the late 70s doing commercials for Bubble Yum and Dr. Pepper.

Congratulations to Ralph on his very un-Hollywood like marriage. He is still married to Phyllis Fierro. They married on April 5, 1987 and have 2 children, Julia and Daniel. (You think Daniel was in honor of his Karate Kid role?)

Trivia: When Joel Siegal (ABC) first did a review for "The Karate Kid," he pronounced his name "MA-Key-O" (proper Italian pronunciation) instead of "Ma-chee-o" (the way Ralph says it). Siegel was called in at 4:00am the day of his review's airing to correct the pronunciation.

He later expressed annoyance at being called in at 4:00am in the morning because Macchio "didn't know how to pronounce his own name."

In 1996 Ralph took the stage and appeared in the musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying."

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Where Are They Now: He recentley starred in a movie called 'Beer League' which was written (and also stars) Howard Stern comic Artie Lange. This movie hit the theaters briefly and should be making its way to DVD soon.

About a year ago there was talk of Ralph getting his own TV series on Fox, but that never materialized.

In addition he writes and directs. A few years ago he was responsible for the HBO series 'Love Thy Brother.'

He was in the Off-Broadway play, 'Magic Hands Freddy' with Michael Rispoli ('The Sopranos')

And in the past couple of years he's gotten some noted stars to participate in some readings of his original screenplay, Mangled Care."

Matt Dillon, Rose McGowan, and Dan Lauria to name a few. Ralph is hoping it gets picked up and he can direct it.

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