Ricardo Montalban (Actor) as Mr. Roarke - Fantasy Island
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Updated: 7/1/2007

Name: Ricardo Montalban

Birth Name: Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalban y Merino

Born: November 25, 1920 in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico

Claim To Fame: Ricardo is best known for his rola as Mr. Roarke in 'Fantasy Island'.

Family Life: Georgiana Young (October 1944 - present) 4 children

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Info: Ricardo was originally a song-and-dance man in both Mexican and American movie musicals. After that genre faded he became a character actor, often relegated to 'ethnic roles.' In 'Sayonara' with Marlon Brando he played Japanese, he won an Emmy playing a Sioux on the mini-series How the West was Won, and he was also sometimes cast as Arabs or Greeks. Usually, though, he played the "Latin lover," and eventually he broke through stereotype-casting to become known as just a damn fine actor.

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Trivia: Wife Georgiana's sister was actress Loretta Young.

Had a 9 1/2 hour operation on his spine to repair an injury he received making 'Across the Wide Missouri'. He has been in constant pain ever since and for the most part he is confined to a wheelchair since 1993.

For years, was a commercial spokesman for Chrysler automobiles. You remember how he waxed eloquently about the "fine Corinthian

Agreed to reprise his role of "Khan" in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan for only $100,000 because he loved the role so much.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1958 Tony Award as Best Actor (Musical) for "Jamaica."

Is the only "Star Trek" movie villain who previously appeared on "Star Trek" (1966). He played Khan Noonien Singh in the "Star Trek" (1966) episode "Space Seed" and Star Trek: The Wrath of
Khan (1982).

In 1970, he founded the non-profit organization "Nosotros" whose goal is "to help fulfill the goals of persons of Spanish-speaking origin in the motion picture and television industry."

In 1999, he purchased an old Hollywood theater designed by the well known architect John C. Austin and built in 1927: "conceiving a plan to rebuild this theater to benefit the diverse community and to build a state-of- art school to compliment this live theater."

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Where Are They Now: Ricardo has continued to work, doing many voice roles in cartoons both for TV an dthe Big Screen.

He usually delivers his lines from a wheelchair. In his most recent role, he played Grandfather Cortex in the Spy Kids films. He also provided the voice for Señor Senior Sr. on Disney's 'Kim Possible' and the Council Chairman in the big-screen cartoon 'The Ant Bully.'

In 2003 he received the Catholics in Media Associates Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 1980 he aslo wrote his memoir called, Reflections: A Life in Two Worlds.

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