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Updated: 3/18/2007

Name: Rich Little

Birth Name: Richard Caruthers Little

Born: November 26, 1938 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Claim To Fame: Rich Little got his start just like almost every other comic of his time - night clubs. he was a very popular comic in these clubs, but if there was one thing Rich was best known for, it was impersonations.

He studied the voices of many stars his whole life, stars like James Stewart, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, Dean Martin, Truman Capote and George Burns.

Family Life: Marie Marotta (October 2003 - present)
Jeannette Markey (October 1994 - February 1997) (divorced)
Jeanne Worden (1971 - 1989) (divorced) 1 child

Info: In the late 1960s, Rich was dubbed "the best impressionist in the world." During the 1970s, however, a rivalry began between him and fellow impressionist Frank Gorshin, who is five years older. Ultimately, Rich overpowered Gorshin and remained the best impressionist in the world. In 1973 Rich became more associated with Dean Martin and made countless appearances on the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts," honoring most of the people he impersonated.

Besides impressions, Rich also had a successful career as a narrator in many stories, made many appearances in TV series, and hosted many TV shows. He also made his first movie, as Otterlake in 'The Other Side of the Wind' in 1972. His acting career wasn't as successful as his impressions, but he did have a great talent. After the 1980s, Rich calmed down and moved away from the limelight.

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Trivia: His wife, Jeanne, was Joey Bishop's secretary.

Achieved the rank of Queen's Scout in the Boy Scouts of Canada.

Active in several charities benefiting children, including the Juvenile Diabetes fund and the Children's Miracle Network.

Comedian and celebrity impressionist. Among his many comic impressions have included fellow comedians (e.g., Johnny Carson and Robin Williams), movie stars (Jack Nicholson, Vincent Price,
Sylvester Stallone, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne), fictional TV characters (Big Bird and Edith Bunker) and every U.S. President since John F. Kennedy (and their major challengers, including
Ross Perot and Sen. Bob Dole).

Was a regular on the "'Dean Martin' Celebrity Roasts."

Dubbed the voice of ailing David Niven for Curse of the Pink Panther (1983).

Although Rich tried for many years, there was one voice he could never master: that of Frank Sinatra.

Where Are They Now: Though still a Canadian citizen, Rich lives in Las Vegas with his wife Marie. He has two daughters, who ride horses and cheerlead full-time. (And,

Also upcoming is the coveted gig at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner. After all the criticism and controvery of last years entertainer, Stephen Colbert, the group decided to go with an old school comedian.

Word is the association has asked Rich to make sure he doesn't say anything bad about the President or the War.

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